Careers at Quarles & Brady

Summer Associate Perspectives

Work Assignments

Coming in, I knew I wanted to focus on commercial litigation, but I also wanted to get a wide variety of projects within the practice group. So far, I've been able complete research and draft motions for a handful of different attorneys, each on a completely different topic, which has kept the work interesting!

Jessica Vander Velde, Tampa Office Stetson University College of Law, Class of 2017

The work assignments are interesting and cover a broad spectrum of practice groups. Also, the firm is very supportive and assigned me projects that matched my interests. While many assignments involve written projects (memos, briefs, client alerts), there are plenty of opportunities to attend hearings and depositions.

Averi Niemuth, Milwaukee Office Marquette University School of Law, Class of 2017

Before starting at Quarles & Brady, I worked in family law and was nervous and excited about experiencing new areas of the law. Thankfully, the nervousness has gone away. My days are filled with researching various subjects, from subrogation suits and default judgments to product liability claims and employment issues. My work assignment coordinator keeps a close eye on projects that appeal to me and is always willing to lend advice on any assignments I have.

Elizabeth Moore, Naples Office University of Florida Levin College of Law, Class of 2017

Since being at Quarles & Brady, I have been able to get work in several different areas of law, such as Products Liability, Commercial Litigation, Business Law, and Labor and Employment. It has been so informative and interesting to have the opportunity to work with the different practice groups. It is also encouraging that it is real world legal work. The attorneys give us actual responsibility, time lines, and the like, which has allowed me to really see what it would be like to be an attorney with Quarles. I am certain the experiences I’ve had and work product I have had the chance to create will be invaluable to me going forward!

Joey Keller, Indianapolis Office Indiana University McKinney School of Law, Class of 2017

The work assignments were diverse and challenging right off the bat. I've had projects in various types of commercial litigation, trusts and estates, and securities law so far. I'm interested in all of these areas so I've been really happy with my projects. Everyone who has assigned me work has been helpful and open to questions. I'm looking forward to more challenging assignments in the next few weeks!

Katherine Hanes, Milwaukee Office UC Berkeley School of Law, Class of 2017

I really appreciate that Quarles & Brady encourages the summer associates to work on projects in as many practice areas and with as many attorneys as possible. Not only does it make me feel valued, but it also shows that the firm really cares about each summer's development. Likewise, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much the attorneys at Quarles rely on the summer associates to work through complicated and important legal issues for their clients and matters. I definitely do not feel like I am taking on "grunt" work, or that my contributions are tangential to the process. Each attorney that I have worked for has explained to me where my work product fits in the grand scheme of the matter, and why my particular contribution is important. This is awesome because at the end of each assignment I feel like I have accomplished something, which is a great feeling.

Paige Greene, Chicago Office Washington University School of Law, Class of 2018

The work assignments we receive are interesting, challenging, and diverse. The assignments we receive vary in terms of practice area and assignment type. This summer, I have had the opportunity to draft research memoranda, collaborate with my peers on group projects, and attend hearings. Not only are we so fortunate to learn about new areas of law, but we receive personalized feedback from some of the best attorneys in the field. The fact that a partner, with over twenty years of experience, will sit down and review your work product as a summer associate speaks to the integrity and dedication to growth within Quarles & Brady.

Yalda Godusi, Phoenix Office Washington and Lee University School of Law, Class of 2018

I am only halfway through my summer experience and already feel that my research and writing skills have improved tremendously. I have had the chance to work on a Pharmacy Law summary, a motion for summary judgment relating to a reverse-race discrimination claim, and various memoranda with issues ranging from Commercial Litigation to Business and Transactional Law. One of my favorite assignments so far dealt with personal injuries and the media. The exposure to the various types of laws Quarles & Brady works in has also opened my perspective toward what I potentially would like to focus on long-term. The work has been challenging but fun, and it is great to be able to share with our assigning attorney and my reader the fields we would like to concentrate on and then receive related projects. I look forward to what's in store next!

Chris Gerber, Phoenix Office University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, Class of 2017

This summer I have already completed a handful of work assignments in a variety of areas including foreclosure actions, employment law, products liability, securities law, commercial litigation, and more. Aside from conducting research and drafting memoranda, I have also prepared a range of letters and motions. Further, I have attended court proceedings and client meetings. The work assignments have been challenging but fun. Most importantly, the work assignments have provided a fantastic learning experience.

Jon Bonello, Naples Office Florida State University College of Law, Class of 2017