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Summer Associate Perspectives

Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop showed that a few short, simple steps can vastly improve writing quality! Professor McEnerney provided useful exercises and changed the way I think about proofreading my work. Following his lead and taking the entire writing process back to the basics has already proved useful this summer.

Garrett Bickford, Milwaukee Office Marquette University School of Law, Class of 2017

I found the Writing Workshop to be quite valuable. I expected a three-hour seminar that reviewed the basics of legal writing. However, the Writing Workshop provided a unique experience. The professor challenged us to think outside the box and implement an atypical writing style to improve persuasive advocacy. The seminar broke away from the scholarly writing law school students generally learn and instead focused on legal writing in a more practical sense. I very much enjoyed the Writing Workshop.

Jon Bonello, Naples Office Florida State University College of Law, Class of 2017

The Writing Workshop provided substantive ideas and methods for producing better legal writing. Every time I have written something this summer, I think back to what we learned in the Writing Program--just to see if I can tweak what I'm saying to make it more concise and readable. The Workshop was an extremely valuable tool, and I hope that we will have the chance to take it again.

Laura Buchanan, Chicago Office Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law, Class of 2017

Like many writers, I find it difficult to proofread and edit my own writing. Aside from identifying typos and glaring issues, I often accomplish very little by rereading something I wrote. Professor Larry McEnerney's Writing Workshop helped me understand why my proofreading was so ineffective. And, more importantly, it gave me a concrete, step-by-step process that I can use to more effectively edit. It was an invaluable workshop (even the second time around). Plus, Professor McEnerney is fun to listen to because he is engaging and passionate.

Margo Casselman, Phoenix Office University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, Class of 2017

As law students, we are taught how to write in the traditional formulaic legal writing style. That style, unfortunately, often cuts the creativity out of the writing. Quarles's Writing Workshop was really helpful and informative because it helped me to focus on how to write for a specific audience and to appeal to a specific audience. While this doesn't necessarily fix my creativity issue, the workshop taught me what to do to appeal to my reader and how to make sure that my writing is sound, coherent and interesting to read.

Paige Greene, Chicago Office Washington University School of Law, Class of 2018

Quarles & Brady started the summer with a writing workshop that focuses on improving a reader's understanding of our work product. I appreciated that Q&B taught legal research and writing in a different way than at law school. I believe that I will now examine my own work with a new focus, and what I learned will make me a better writer.

Anna Grilley, Madison Office University of Wisconsin Madison Law School, Class of 2017

The Writing Workshop was incredibly helpful. It was a great blend of listening and actively trying out the techniques we discussed. Professor McEnerney challenged us to think about who we write for and what we're trying to convey. I found myself employing the techniques we learned immediately.

Katherine Hanes, Milwaukee Office UC Berkeley School of Law, Class of 2017

The Writing Workshop was an excellent opportunity to hone in our skills. Being able to understand what we write is not enough. Focusing on the reader helps us become better writers. Although the ideas presented in the workshop addressed the big picture, we learned very practical and applicable strategies to improve our writing.

Jérôme Mohsen, Milwaukee Office Marquette University School of Law, Class of 2017

Professor McEnerney is an energetic teacher who isn't afraid to question how students have been taught to write. To my surprise, passive voice is not only acceptable, it's sometimes necessary! Professor McEnerney encouraged us to think about how readers interpret our writing. For example, short term memory capacity and verb placement relate to a reader's urge to skim. When there are more than seven words placed before a verb, the reader will skim until they find the verb.

Elizabeth Moore, Naples Office University of Florida Levin College of Law, Class of 2017

The Writing Workshop with Prof. McEnerney was an invaluable experience in terms of developing my legal writing skills. The tips he offered were easy to utilize and remember. I very much appreciated his wit and ability to make legal writing entertaining.

Ally Nicol, Milwaukee Office University of Minnesota Law School, Class of 2018

The Writing Workshop was very helpful. Professor McEnerney broke down the fundamentals of effective legal writing in an accessible way and provided many tools and tips to integrate into my writing process immediately. I am already beginning to think about my writing more strategically and am hoping to see marked improvements in my subsequent writing assignments.

Sydney VanBerg, Madison Office University of Wisconsin Madison Law School, Class of 2018

Professor McEnerney's Writing Workshop was timely and extremely relevant. In my short time at Q&B, I've learned that writing plays such an important role in the daily routines of all attorneys. So, having the chance to learn invaluable tips on persuasive writing and tailoring your work product for your audience was a great way to kick off the summer.

Jeremy Wodajo, Milwaukee Office University of Wisconsin Madison Law School, Class of 2018

The Writing Workshop for summer associates was essentially a crash course in how to adapt the writing style we developed in law school to a law firm setting. It was a really great way to get up to speed on what associates and partners would be looking for before we turned in our first assignments.

Matt Bergs, Milwaukee Office University of Iowa College of Law, Class of 2017