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Q&B University
We are very proud of our associate training program and we went to great lengths to develop it. In fact, we locked our entire Associates Policy Committee (which includes partners and associates from each of our offices) in a conference room until they came up with a good idea.  Not surprisingly, the concept of Quarles & Brady University (QBU) was born.

QBU offers a graduated series of training programs throughout the associate years:

QBU Junior offers a comprehensive orientation program for first-year associates. While some firms have the philosophy of throwing new lawyers to the sharks (is that redundant?), we believe in thorough orientation and sustained opportunities for learning. The first class includes presentations during your first week with us to help you learn the "nuts and bolts" of your particular office. You will meet with other new attorneys to get a sense of strategies that work, discuss how to work effectively with your secretary, learn to record your time properly and promptly, and learn about benefits such as the flexible benefits plan and 401(k). While QBU Junior can be quite an information download, we’ll be happy to repeat it at 15-minute intervals until you cry for mercy.

Shortly thereafter, one of our offices will play host to all first-year associates for three days of pure fun. Well, mostly all fun. During this gathering, the new associates will get a preview of all the training to come, and will have the opportunity to learn from colleagues about such issues as Q&B values, client expectations, ethics and conflicts of interest, and (drum roll, please) our evaluation process.  Another exciting part of this QBU Junior gathering is a phenomenal writing seminar presented by outstanding experts.  In the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your peers and a variety of partners from each of our offices in social settings.

At QBU Mid-Level, the chair of the Executive Committee gives a presentation about the business of managing a law firm (even though most of us practice it for the pure joy of it and would do it without compensation). QBU Mid-Level teaches you about building client relationships, improving client service and communication, marketing yourself and your practice, supervision skills and preparing yourself for partnership.