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Work and Life (not or!)
We are proud of our achievements and continuing efforts to provide our attorneys with the flexibility they need to have a full and complete life.

Caution: we are going to talk about the "B" word: Balance. We have gone to great lengths to put systems in place to achieve a well-balanced and full life. We firmly believe that happy lawyers are better lawyers. Because you are setting your own schedule and managing your own workload (within the parameters of client demands) you have the control you need to balance the competing demands of work and your personal life. We also have some concrete tools designed to achieve this result, such as our generous maternity, paternity and family leave policies, flexible work schedule policy, web-based network access, and Income Partner status.

We know that big firms have a reputation for over-working associates (rhymes with "pet shop") but we want our lawyers to stay and to feel motivated to be part of our team, so we set reasonable goals. The Firm's annual hours expectation for associates is 1,800 base hours (i.e. client billable, pro bono and Firm legal). Bonus eligibility is 1900 base hours (assuming satisfactory performance).