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The Q&B Experience
Law Students / Summer Associates Program

Let's just tell it like it is: our summer program ROCKS! Our summer program is designed to give you an accurate idea of what it is like to be a Q&B lawyer (plus a lot of free lunches). Our summer program means that you will be given a healthy variety of real work assignments for real clients (see Real Work Experiences ). And you will have a chance to "try on" as many practice areas as you want during your summer with us. If you're already interested in a specific practice area, we will do everything we can to make sure you work with firm lawyers on projects in that area.

Here is a promise: if you are one of our summer associates, you will be a better legal writer by the time your summer ends.  We have many ways to make you a better writer: the rack, boiling oil, oh yes, and a multi-part writing seminar taught by a very engaging and knowledgeable professor, as well as frequent feedback from your reader and assigning attorneys.

An important part of your summer experience will be your practical training opportunities. Many of them are not really out of the office, but get over it, we're talking semantics here. You'll get to accompany Firm lawyers to hearings, depositions, closings, client meetings or trials. This will help you get a flavor for many aspects of the practice of law, learn through observation and participation, and get a sense of when you have to wear a suit.

And of course, the Q&B summer is FUN! The purpose of the fun (does one need a purpose for fun?) is threefold: (1) to allow you to get to know your city; (2) to allow you to get to know the Q&B attorneys and their families; and (3) allow us to get to know you. In the past, our summer associates enjoyed baseball games to watch The White Sox, a night at Second City, bowling night at Ten Pin, and a dinner party at a partner's home (Chicago), tour the MillerCoors brewery, Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, and baseball games (Milwaukee), happy hours and dinner (Naples), scavenger hunt, a cooking class and a poker night (Phoenix), ice cream social, a night at Painting with a Twist, and dinner at a parnter's home (Tampa).