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Cynthia A. FaurCynthia A. Faur
President Trump Declares Energy Independence and Changes the Way the Federal Government Addresses ClimateEnvironmental Law AlertCynthia A. Faur, Peter A. Tomasi, Marian C. LaLondeOn March 28, 2017, President Trump signed a sweeping Executive Order to scale back the climate change and energy related policies and regulations issued during the Obama Administration. The Order seeks to promote the domestic production of energy—primarily from fossil... Read More
Presentation "U.S. EPA - Regulatory Initiatives 2016" 2015 Federation of Environmental Technologists Conference in Pewaukee, WI (Keynote Presentation) By Cynthia A. Faur
Presentation "Environmental Justice Considerations in NEPA" Presentation to the Illinois Association of Environmental Professionals By Cynthia A. Faur
Presentation "Climate Change Policy and Regulation: Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Initiatives" Federation of Environmental Technologists By Cynthia A. Faur
Article "It’s Not Easy Marketing Your Products Green" Executive View By Cynthia A. Faur