DEA Compliance & Litigation


A brief summary of the services we provide includes

  • Advising on all aspects of litigation and compliance regarding CSA and DEA regulations, including registration, recordkeeping, reporting, and proper handling of controlled substances and listed chemicals.
  • Representing clients in administrative or other enforcement proceedings before the DEA.
  • Representing clients in cases involving civil penalties sought by the government, pursuant to the CSA.
  • Overseeing document production in response to warrants or subpoenas issued by DEA.
  • Advising on investigations conducted by DEA regarding alleged diversion of controlled substances and/or listed chemicals.
  • Developing standard operating procedures involving controlled substances and listed chemicals.
  • Assisting clients with seeking manufacturing and procurement quotas from DEA.
  • Assessing internal procedures and practices relating to DEA compliance issues.
  • Conducting training for senior management and other employees responsible for, or with access to, controlled substances and listed chemicals.
  • Petitioning DEA for rulemaking or comment on proposed rules.