Quarles & Brady LLP Environmental Legal Services
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The attorneys of Quarles & Brady LLP have been leading the field of environmental law since the 1960s, using our experience, history and knowledge of regulatory and administrative policies to help clients meet and address their environmental and business challenges. Our client relationships are equally enduring — by understanding clients’ businesses and objectives, offering practical solutions and quickly responding to emerging concerns, we have developed exceptional perspective and the ability to help clients navigate the shifting sands of public environmental policy.

Each of our two dozen attorneys is highly skilled and experienced in the practice of general environmental, OSHA and business law. Equally important, our attorneys have developed focused, in-depth knowledge of various environmental arenas, including alternative energy, climate change, “green” practices and sustainability, brownfields redevelopment, clean air and clean water regulation, natural resources law, Superfund and site remediation, toxic tort litigation, environmental insurance coverage and claims, and a wide variety of related subjects.

However valuable this individual legal acumen, we also recognize that clients face a multitude of overlapping issues that may extend beyond the strict boundaries within and outside of environmental law. Drawing on our years of experience representing clients on a broad range of matters, the attorneys of the Environmental Law Group have developed a streamlined system for quickly identifying the issues at hand and ensuring that the right lawyer is assigned to the case. Our close cooperation ensures that appropriate solutions are identified without redundancy or inefficiency. Our clients have rightly chosen us to work in their best interests — we believe that these interests include cost-effective representation.


The Environmental Group of Quarles & Brady provides effective legal counsel in the full range of environmental concerns: More specifically, our work has focused on the following:
  • Carbon management, alternative energy and sustainability (“green” practice) issues driven by the broad concept of climate change and global warming.
  • Clean Air Act emissions and air pollution standards, permitting processes and compliance policies, and emissions trading.
  • Superfund (CERCLA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) liability defense, investigations, appeals, insurance claims and cost-recovery actions.
  • Clean Water Act, water rights, flood plain and wetlands issues and permits, including storm and wastewater discharges, NPDES permits, groundwater protection, and underground storage tanks.
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) compliance and defense against toxic tort claims.
  • Registration of new chemicals and regulation of targeted chemicals.
  • Civil environmental enforcement actions and criminal investigations under all statutes.
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requirements, including hazard communications and other environmental disclosure requirements.
  • Environmental impact statements, assessments and compliance reviews.
  • Siting of commercial and industrial operations and solid waste facilities.
  • Brownfields redevelopment, including transactions involving contaminated properties, innovative financing of liabilities, Qualified Settlement Funds and trusts to manage liabilities, and risk shifting contracts with environmental consultants.
  • Negotiation and drafting of pollution liability, stop loss, lenders, mold and asbestos coverage.
  • Recovery of defense and cleanup costs from insurance carriers under historic and current insurance policies.
  • Mold claims, investigation, and remediation oversight.
  • Navigating properties through state voluntary remediation programs to obtain no further remediation letters, covenants not to sue, etc.
  • Maximizing the value of assets in bankruptcy via sale of contaminated property, insurance claims and settlements, and challenges to environmental claimants.
  • Defense of OSHA enforcement actions and counseling on OSHA compliance.

Local, Regional and National Experience

Quarles & Brady is a nationally recognized law firm with offices in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin. From these locations, our attorneys have successfully represented clients from coast to coast, before state and federal agencies and administrative boards and in courtrooms at every level of the judicial system.

This experience is a key factor in our ability to help clients respond to environmental and OSHA concerns and regulations. In some cases, overlapping local, state and federal laws regulate underlying business activities. We are able to help clients interpret, negotiate and achieve compliance with these laws in order to minimize potential liabilities without unreasonable business disruptions.

Committed to applying the most effective counsel to the matters at hand, we are backed by the full resources of our Firm's more than 400 attorneys. For complex cases, we use an interdisciplinary approach, supplementing our team with attorneys from other practice areas with valuable, specific technical and legal knowledge.

We make use of leading-edge technologies to streamline and ensure the accuracy of document tracking, ensure the timeliness of administrative filings and compliance measures, research existing law and precedent, keep our clients apprised of case status and to conduct other key activities. We also have an established network of scientific and industry experts whose knowledge and insights are invaluable as we develop strategies to address both existing and potential concerns.

Real-World Solutions

We understand our clients’ need for swift, effective resolution of business challenges. We provide practical, real-world solutions that incorporate our clients’ business plans and goals with the requirements and opportunities imposed by environmental legislation and policy. What’s more, we understand the complexities that may arise above and beyond immediate concerns. While we aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible, we always work with an eye toward the future, identifying and mitigating potential issues that may come down the pipeline.

As companies seek to expand their businesses, for example, many are faced with merger and acquisition targets that include potentially contaminated properties in otherwise sound portfolios. The attorneys of Quarles & Brady LLP can help find creative solutions to minimize exposure from these environmental liabilities.

Quarles & Brady represents clients from nearly every industry, including chemical companies, manufacturers, financial institutions, mining companies, real-estate developers, high-tech startups, nonprofits, municipalities, health care providers and waste-management companies. With our direct experience in the halls of government, on the factory floor and in corporate boardrooms, we are able to help clients quickly negotiate the regulatory maze and move their products from development to market, while complying with all environmental and OSHA regulations.

The Environmental Group at Quarles & Brady is committed to helping our clients identify and resolve business challenges that result from the ever-changing environmental and OSHA regulatory landscape. With the experience born of a long, successful history of client representation and an eye toward emerging issues, we provide business-focused solutions that add value to our clients’ business objectives.

For more information on how our Environmental Group can help you address potential or actual environment-related legal and business concerns, please contact Arthur A. Vogel Jr. at (414) 277-5545 / or your local Quarles & Brady attorney.