Fred Gants, Partner


Presentation “Employment and Consulting Agreements" Presentation for National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer By D. Scott Watson, Fred Gants
Presentation “OSHA Recordkeeping” Bongarde Webinar Janine M. Landow-Esser, Fred Gants
Presentation "Acommodation 101: Addressing Mental Illness and Addiction in the Workplace" Madison, Wisconsin Fred Gants
Newsletter For Your Benefits Issue #4 Robert D. Rothacker, David P. Olson, Sarah M. Linsley, Marla B. Anderson, Charles E. Harper, Gary R. Clark, Fred Gants, Jeffrey Morris, Paul D. Bauer, Otto W. Immel, Paul E. Parrish, Amy A. Ciepluch, Marian M. Zapata-Rossa