Quarles & Brady LLP Government Relations Legal Services
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Ave M. Bie
Madison Office
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Leezie Kim
Phoenix Office
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Cory L. Nettles
Milwaukee Office
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Government Relations

For Quarles & Brady, representing clients in the statehouse is just as important as representing them in the courthouse.

With complex laws and administrative rules changing at a faster pace than ever, today’s sophisticated businesses understand that time spent in shaping public policy issues — whether they concern energy, corporate, or tax legislation, or environmental rules or limitations on business practices — can yield a greater rate of return than many other business strategies.

When it comes to the realities of legislative and regulatory decision making at the state, local or national level, Quarles & Brady’s Government Relations Group maintains solid personal relationships with decision makers, providing a critical edge — both in putting out today’s brush fires and in shaping tomorrow’s public policy.

And while we take an aggressive approach to accomplishing a client’s legislative or regulatory objectives, we do it within a strict commitment to ethics in government and playing by the book. Because we’re lawyers, as well as lobbyists and government relations advisors, clients have the security of knowing that we fully comprehend the legal and ethical considerations that pervade the business of legislative advocacy and adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the law.

Our services to clients in the area of government relations include the following:

  • Strategic planning to define and advance client regulatory and legislative agendas in light of business objectives.

  • Defensive and affirmative representation on legislation and administrative rulemaking before state agencies.

  • Daily bipartisan lobbying before the legislature and administrative agencies.

  • Developing and advocating for appropriations requests, grants and proposals to receive government contracts.

  • Obtaining necessary regulatory approvals, licenses and permits on a timely basis.
For more information on how our Government Relations Group advisers can help you achieve your objectives, please contact Ave M. Bie at (608) 283-2441 /  or your local Quarles & Brady attorney.