International Services

Our Approach to International Matters

We offer a matrix of over 50 Quarles & Brady lawyers with various skill sets and knowledge of foreign legal systems to establish a "team" as needed for virtually any international project. Our international coordinators are as follows:

By Region

  • Europe: W. David Braun, Chicago; Joe Puchner, Milwaukee; Sarah Ames, Chicago; Andre Fiebig, Chicago; and Laura Holm, Naples.
  • China/Far East: Tom Stiebel, Chicago; Leonardo Loo, Phoenix.
  • Canada & Mexico/Latin America: Leonardo Loo, Phoenix; Juan Carlos Espinoza, Madison; W. David Braun, Chicago; Christian Stahl, Chicago.

By Legal Specialization

  • Business Law, M&A: W. David Braun, Chicago; Andre Fiebig, Chicago; Tom Stiebel, Chicago; Walt Skipper, Milwaukee; Leonardo Loo, Phoenix; Juan Carlos Espinoza, Madison; Laura Holm, Naples.
  • Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Licensing: Tom Stiebel, Chicago; Dan Radler, Milwaukee; Rick Young, Chicago; Bennett Berson, Madison.
  • Employment, Immigration, and I-9 Compliance: Grant Sovern, Madison and Milwaukee; Sarah Ames, Chicago; Otto Immel, Naples.
  • Distribution, Franchising, and Sales Agents: David Beyer, Tampa; W. David Braun, Chicago; Dan Janssen, Milwaukee; Steven Goldman, Washington D.C.
  • Tax: Edward Hannon, Chicago.
  • Real Estate: Ted Yi, Chicago; Joe Puchner, Milwaukee; Myriam Benhamou, Chicago.
  • International Trade and Compliance: Walt Skipper, Milwaukee; Joe Puchner, Milwaukee; Laura Holm, Naples; W. David Braun, Chicago.
  • Admiralty: Paul Parrish, Tampa.

We will match our experience and capabilities with your needs and establish a relationship with foreign counsel as needed to help you achieve your business goals in a responsive, cost-effective manner.