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Mergers & Acquisitions
The Right Deal...At The Right Time...Done Right...

The Right Deal…
Now, more than ever, a business must engage in thoughtful planning if it is considering the acquisition of another business organization or the divestiture of a portion of its own operations. While increased size or an expanded product or service offering were once sufficient reasons for a buyer to consummate a deal, our current economic and regulatory environment demands that acquirors identify more compelling reasons to consider engaging in purchase and sale transactions. Buyers must identify operational synergies and strategic benefits that will enable an acquisition to be a long-term success. Sellers must attempt to obtain the maximum value for their businesses at a time when buyers are cautious and credit resources are tight. In other words, buyers and sellers are looking for the right deal — not just any deal.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Team of Quarles & Brady LLP assists its clients in their search for the right transaction and counsels them on the legal and business issues that could ultimately mean the difference between a successful deal and one that is not. When appropriate, we involve other professionals with whom we’ve developed close working relationships that may be helpful to our team's clients in their efforts to find the right deal.

At the Right Time…
Despite the cautious approach that our markets demand, businesses cannot afford to drag their feet. They must be prepared to make the right deal when it’s there to be made. Our Mergers & Acquisitions Team helps our clients engage in advance planning and careful preparation for an acquisition or divestiture so that, when the time is right, they are ready to act. When that happens, our clients expect that we will move expeditiously and serve as facilitators to close their transactions on what is often a short timeframe. The size of our team helps us to bring adequate resources to bear in order to close any deal quickly. The right deal, at the right time.

Done Right…
We believe that clients come to Quarles & Brady for assistance with their purchase and sale transactions because they know that we have substantial expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions transactions and knowledge in all of the other areas of law that may come into play in a complex deal. A broad range of concerns arise in the process of considering and consummating a deal, often involving antitrust, bankruptcy, employee benefits, environmental, labor and employment, regulatory, securities and tax issues. These various areas can create obstacles or roadblocks to the successful consummation of our clients’ transactions. Quarles & Brady’s breadth of expertise allows us to resolve a deal’s many issues and maximize the possibility that our clients’ transactions will get done and get done right.

Our clients also trust our Mergers & Acquisitions Team because they see that we are leaders who will be able to coordinate the many players who are often involved in their purchase or sale transactions. Just as the conductor of an orchestra needs to direct the various instruments in the creation of a harmonic symphony, the Mergers & Acquisition's attorney must coordinate the bankers, accountants, financial advisers, attorneys and other participants in a deal to bring them to a timely and successful closing. The attorneys of our Mergers & Acquisitions Team have significant experience managing such complex transactions. We are well-integrated among our practice groups within the Firm and routinely draw on the full spectrum of knowledge and skills of our more than 400 attorneys nationwide.

Quarles & Brady has also developed solid working relationships with many financial advisors who can assist our clients as needed with solid advice. Similarly, our team’s strong relationships with many overseas law firms enable our clients to work with knowledgeable local resources while retaining the trusted counsel and transaction oversight of our Mergers & Acquisition Team.

The bottom line is that, as a result of our work, Quarles & Brady clients are comfortable that their deals have been done right.

Our emphasis on planning and careful execution does not mean extensive, inefficient processes. Quite the reverse, we have developed streamlined, proven and standardized procedures and templates which enable us to consider the unique factors of each transaction while providing timely and cost-effective services.

It’s Your Deal
Our clients want and need attorneys who will work with them — not just for them and certainly not against them. This means that we work cooperatively with our clients and clearly understand the role that we are being asked to play. Although we treat a client's deal as if it were our own, we understand that it is our client’s business objectives that must be met, not ours. On the other hand, our clients fully understand that their Quarles & Brady attorney will assess their potential transactions and provide candid advice, even if it may be counter to their desires. 

Our effectiveness at providing this direct, client-specific counsel is a natural outgrowth of our emphasis on client relationships. We see ourselves as both business partners and guardians of our clients’ trust.  Blending legal acumen and personal service, we help clients analyze their own business objectives; set them in the context of market, economic and regulatory forces; and develop strategies that increase the ultimate effectiveness of a deal.

For Clients Of All Types
Our clients come from nearly every sector of the economy and in nearly every form of for-profit and not-for-profit legal structure. We work with publicly and privately held companies of all sizes, from traditional industries such as manufacturing to leading-edge technology and biotech firms. We have extensive experience representing parties on both sides of the table, both buyers and sellers and lenders and debtors, including in bankruptcy proceedings. Many of our attorneys have significant professional experience in specific industries and legal concerns, enabling them to identify and apply the right attorney to the task at hand. Combined with our experience managing large and complex transactions, this broad perspective helps us better identify opportunities and risks that can make or break the deal.

The Mergers & Acquisitions Team at Quarles & Brady is dedicated to the principles of preparation, timely action and client service as requirements for financial and business success. In our opinion, it’s the only way to get the right deal done, at the right time, and in the right way.

For more information on how the Firm's team of talented attorneys can help your company orchestrate a successful acquisition or divestiture, please contact Patricia Hutter at (414) 277-5117 / or your local Quarles & Brady attorney.