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Kathryn Buono
Office Managing Partner

Tel :  (414) 277-5109
Fax :  (414) 978-8909
Milwaukee Office
411 East Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 2400
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Tel: (414) 277-5000
Fax: (414) 271-3552

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Milwaukee, the city where Quarles & Brady LLP was founded over 100 years ago, continues to thrive. The Associate, a magazine aimed at private practice attorneys in their first seven years of practice, ranked Milwaukee as one of the Top Ten cities in the United States for young lawyers. With a metropolitan area population of over 1.5 million, Milwaukee provides a richly diverse economy and client base, as well as evolving and challenging legal opportunities for Quarles & Brady.

Various individuals in the Firm’s long history have made a strong impact on Milwaukee and its surrounding region. The Firm’s successful representation of clients in critical cases has contributed to its continued growth and success. Louis Quarles, one of the Firm’s founding partners, helped to transition the Marquette Medical School into the Medical College of Wisconsin. The Firm’s assistance in this matter was an important step for education in Milwaukee, as Marquette University could no longer support the cost of medical education. In addition, the Medical College of Wisconsin, being non-sectarian, was able to receive state aid.

In 2001, in its role as patent counsel to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), Quarles & Brady wrote and obtained the broad-based patents on Dr. James Thomson’s groundbreaking research on primate and human embryonic stem cells. Stem cells, derived from embryos, theoretically have the ability to differentiate into any cell type in the body and could potentially be used to create substitute tissue for damaged tissue. For example, stem cell research could lead to a cure for the brain tissue damage resulting from diseases such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The University of Wisconsin’s research staff continues work on the technology as it develops.

Our Commitment to the Community

Quarles & Brady has always believed in giving back to its communities, and because fair access to legal representation is something the Firm also believes in strongly, many lawyers have made a significant commitment to pro bono service. Notably, in the September 2004 issue of The American Lawyer magazine, Quarles & Brady was ranked 43rd out of the nation’s 200 highest grossing firms for pro bono service.

The Firm supports many organizations, including the United Way of Milwaukee, the United Performing Arts Fund, the Door Ministry program, the Interchange Food Pantry and Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. Both the Firm and many of its lawyers have been the recipients of numerous awards and honors from both professional and community organizations. Recently, Quarles & Brady was selected to receive the Volunteer Lawyers Project Millennium Award for its many years of outstanding pro bono services on behalf of low-income individuals. In 2004, Legal Action of Wisconsin gave the Firm special recognition for its lawyers’ participation at a clinic that assists victims of domestic abuse. Also, one of the Firm’s younger partners recently received an award from the State Bar of Wisconsin for her outstanding commitment to pro bono work. The Firm and its lawyers gave over $145,000 to the Equal Justice Coalition, a Wisconsin foundation that funds legal services for the poor. “Our clients and our communities have helped us to become a successful law firm,” commented Ann Murphy, Past Milwaukee Office Managing Partner. "It’s essential for us to give back.”

Our Workplace

More than 200 attorneys practice in the Milwaukee office. Together, a set of core values, a clear vision, and a comprehensive strategic plan form a solid foundation on which our law firm bases key decisions — not only in the Milwaukee office, but firmwide. Our personnel, both lawyers and staff, are regarded as our greatest assets and they are continually empowered, enriched and challenged in a democratic work environment where education and change are valued and embraced. In addition, we have a culture that encourages open communication and respect among colleagues which fosters a great deal of pride within our organization.

For more information about the Milwaukee office, please contact Milwaukee Office Managing Partner Kathryn M. Buono at (414) 277-5109 / or Milwaukee Office Administrator Robert D. Isacson at (414) 277-5127 / .