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“The cyber threat to medical devices in the US”

Cyber Security Law & Practice By Jennifer L. Rathburn

Below is an excerpt:

For the first time in history, criminal attacks are the number one cause of data breaches in healthcare, and are up 125% as compared to five years ago. As the healthcare industry experiences exponential growth in wireless technologies in the marketplace, many medical devices, connected through wireless radios to networked monitoring systems, are at risk. Media headlines detail repeated incidents of malware infection, or the intentional access of medical device software systems by cyber hackers. In turn, patients may be subject to illness, injury and in some cases death. Although the risk of cyber attacks is not new to industry, rapid advances in medical device technology, in conjunction with the increasing number of cyber attacks, raises the issue of the sufficiency of the legal and regulatory frameworks imposed upon manufacturers and providers to protect against such attacks.

Originally published in Cyber Security Law & Practice, June 2015