Thomas P. McElligott, Partner

Publications and Presentations

Thomas P. McElligottThomas P. McElligott
"Managing Environmental Risk in Commercial Real Estate Transactions" University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2005-2015)Thomas P. McElligott
Presentation "Wastewater Update" Federation of Environmental Technologists Thomas P. McElligott
Presentation "Wisconsin's New Phosphorous Compliance Option" 2014 Federation of Environmental Technologists Conference in Pewaukee, WI By Thomas P. McElligott, David A. Strifling
Presentation "Overview of Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act" Marquette University Law School, Thomas P. McElligott
Presentation "Consideration of Costs in Major Environmental Programs" Marquette University Economics Association Thomas P. McElligott
Presentation "Complying with Surface and Stormwater Management Regulations" Wisconsin Water Laws and Regulations Seminar Thomas P. McElligott
Presentation "Water Quality & Infrastructure" (Moderator) 2010 Marquette University Law School Public Service Conference Thomas P. McElligott