Adriane J. Hofmeyr, Partner

Success Stories

Ms. Hofmeyr represented a group of fifty-three taxpayers in challenging a decision by the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to create a new Special Taxing District which would have raised the taxes of a specific group of landowners. Ms. Hofmeyr succeeded in overturning the County's actions, thus undoing the Special Taxing District. She also obtained an award against the County to pay the full amount of the taxpayers' fees incurred in having to file the lawsuit.

When two ranch owners filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the Forest Service had accidentally burned their ranch land on the northern slopes of Mt. Lemmon (north of Tucson, Arizona) while fighting the Bullock Fire, the federal court dismissed their claims on the basis that the federal government was immune from such suits. Ms. Hofmeyr challenged this ruling at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and succeeded in overturning the federal government's immunity, thus permitting her clients to proceed with their claims against the government. This was one of the few times that the federal government has been overturned on this point of law, and resulted in published case law (Green v. United States, 630 F.3d 1245 (9th Cir. 2010).

Ms. Hofmeyr's client, a mining prospector who panned for gold on federal public lands, was fined by the U.S. Forest Service for violating the U.S. Forest Service Regulations. When he refused to pay the fine, he was charged in federal court. After a trial, Ms. Hofmeyr obtained a complete vindication for her client, including a not-guilty verdict, and an 11-page ruling from the judge criticizing the ambiguity of the Regulations.

Ms. Hofmeyr represented three barrel-horse racing competitors against the Town of Pima, whose Town Manager had attempted to "trespass" her clients from all Town property for allegedly using bad language at an event. After filing suit in federal court against the Town, the parties were able to reach a settlement to the satisfaction of her clients.