Amanda D. White, Paralegal


Amanda White assists attorneys and clients with the preparation and filing of patent and trademark applications and all related documents both domestically and internationally. She uses her organizational strengths to support the team by:

  • Preparing weekly docket reports, drafting and sending reporting emails, and fielding communications with clients and foreign associates;
  • Preparing and filing U.S. patent and trademark applications, including transmittals, application data sheets, declarations, assignments, drawings, and statements of use;
  • Preparing new applications, amendments/responses and other USPTO filing documents; and
  • Drafting and sending reporting emails to the client with a summary of communications and deadlines for all foreign and U.S. trademark and patent filings such as filing of applications, filing ceceipts, publications, office actions, allowances, and issuance.

Legal Services

Education and Honors

  • University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (B.S., 2012)