Amy Cotton Peterson, Partner

Publications and Presentations

Presentation "What's New in Pharmacy?" Summit Partners By Roger Morris and Amy Cotton Peterson
Presentation "Health Care Changes Under President Trump" Alliance Bank By Roger N. Morris and Amy Cotton Peterson
Presentation "State Pharmacy Licensure & Compliance" NASP First Annual Specialty Pharmacy Law Conference By Roger N. Morris, Amy Cotton Peterson, Simone Colgan Dunlap, co-presenters
Presentation "Industry/Business of Pharmacy" Quarles & Brady Pharmacy Law Symposium By Amy Cotton Peterson, Anne M. O'Brien, Susan B. Trujillo
Presentation "The Ethics of Personalized Medicine" University of Arizona College of Medicine Mini-Medical School 2.0 By Amy R. Cotton
Article "How Can a Physical Therapist Avoid Common Mistakes When Responding to a P.T. Board Investigation?" Medical Law Perspectives in the "Expert Analysis" Series Author
Article "Concerns Over Drug Compounding Bills on Capitol Hill" Law360 Amy Cotton, Mark D. Boesen, Megan K. Scanlon