Ann M. Murphy, Retired Partner


Diversity is one of the firm’s core values, and we have developed myriad programs to advance the interests of women and people of color, with outstanding success. Half of our offices are led by managing partners who are women or otherwise diverse, and a survey of the firm’s employees demonstrates that Quarles is a cultural and racial melting pot that has won numerous awards of appreciation for it. Ann has been a key player in many of the initiatives that have helped Quarles achieve diversity.

For example, the firm has an award-winning Women in Leadership program, which evaluates and accounts for all of the firm’s action plans, policies, and initiatives that affect women — Ann has been active in its formation and programming from the start. The firm also boasts a Women’s Forum, which provides programming and professional and career development topics especially for women — and Ann has been a key player there as well.

Ann herself is proof of the efficacy of the firm’s diversity programming: She was the first women to sit on the elected Executive Committee, and she was the first person (woman or man) to become the managing partner of the Milwaukee office, a position she held with distinction for 12 years.