Ann M. Murphy, Retired Partner

Tenets of Practice

For nearly 40 years, Ann has been building her practice and earning the loyalty and admiration of clients through legal excellence, with strong principles that guide her approach to the law:

Meticulous: Even among financial professionals, Ann is scrupulous and detail-oriented by comparison to many. People and projects that serve the common good depend on her to get it right every time, so she holds herself personally responsible for the details, and with such acumen that her clients rest well at night, knowing she’s on the job.

Collaborative: Ann works well not only with her clients but with the entire finance teams that participate in completing the many transactions on which she works. To Ann, it doesn’t matter if there are representatives from competing law firms, or if there are multiple municipalities involved, or if there are conflicting agendas in any given project; she considers it her job to be helpful and to work together to accomplish the objectives for everyone’s benefit.

Client-Focused: It may sound cliché to declare that Ann always puts the client first, but there are plenty of attorneys who merely equate their legal skills with client service, whereas Ann cares about the whole client and everything the client hopes to achieve, inside and outside the scope of the transaction at hand. She not only considers it essential to perform quality work, she actively guides her clients through the process, to keep them informed and to help them see her work in the context of their larger objectives.

Trusted Advisor: Ann treats every transaction as part of a continuum, considering the history that led to the project and the future beyond it. Her clients can depend on her wisdom and advice for both the immediate decisions at hand and the long-term issues that may not even have arisen. Her goal is to be someone to call on at any time, for any reason, by any client.