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From the moment you step in the office, you can tell this is a firm that values people. The emphasis during the first week, and beyond, is on developing relationships, whether through lunches or events or just walking around the office. That can only happen in a firm that values people.

Joe Ambrose, Chicago Office Chicago-Kent College of Law, Class of 2020

As a first-year law student, I did not know what to expect this summer. My first two weeks at Quarles & Brady have been eye opening. Week one was filled by your typical introductory lessons on policies, procedures, and resources. However, what made it enjoyable was the interactions I had with both my amazing cohort, and the fantastic attorneys and staff here at Q&B. Towards the end of week one we received our first work assignments, and since then things have really picked up. I love that I am doing meaningful and interesting work, and that I am contributing to the practice groups on a day-to-day basis.

Rob Arbulu, Milwaukee Office University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2021

It’s great to be back and see some familiar faces. While the décor of the office has changed (for the better), the welcoming and supportive atmosphere of the firm is still very much present. The initial few days were filled with orientation/on-boarding events, but work has quickly picked up in the time since. Thus far, I have been assigned a variety of assignments, ranging from memos to 50-state surveys. Everyone I have worked with has been extremely helpful in bringing me up to speed and assisting when I have questions. I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from everyone as the summer progresses.

Mason Baranczyk, Milwaukee Office University of Wisconsin Law School, Class of 2020

I felt at home when I returned to Quarles in May. Having worked for the firm as a paralegal prior to law school, I was embraced (literally and figuratively) by colleagues and friends when I started the Summer Associate program. I am enjoying getting to know the other Summer Associates and their interests through our training and social events, and getting to know Associates, Partners, and staff through work assignments and lunches. In my first three weeks I attended a two-day hearing with Associates from different offices, drafted a formal memo for a Partner, and completed several research assignments for the Immigration team. The number of familiar faces I've encountered is a testament to how much people truly love working here and I'm so excited to be back.

Libby Glass, Chicago Office Wake Forest University School of Law, Class of 2021

My first couple weeks at Quarles & Brady have been wonderful. Everyone is very friendly and seems to genuinely want to get to know the summer associates. Quarles has done a great job balancing opportunities to meet attorneys and to work on meaningful projects. All the attorneys I have worked with on projects have been very open to questions and are more than willing to explain how the project fits into the greater picture. I am really looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Liz Kelley, Madison Office University of Minnesota Law School, Class of 2020

After only three weeks at Quarles & Brady, I can tell that this is a wonderful work environment. All of the attorneys and staff have been very helpful and welcoming. The assignments I have received so far have been diverse and rewarding. On top of traditional legal work, I have also been able to shadow an attorney at a bankruptcy hearing and participate in pro bono opportunities. I am so glad that I get to spend my summer working at this fantastic firm.

Amanda Kerr, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2020

I was first introduced to Quarles & Brady the summer of my 1L year, in which I sat through a deposition conducted by attorneys Mark Kircher and Catherine Faught Pollard. At that time I had no idea that a year later I would be on their same floor as a summer associate. My first few weeks at Quarles & Brady have been excellent. All of the attorneys and staff members have been kind, welcoming, and eager to share information with me. Furthermore, I have worked on projects for several groups, which has given be a better understanding of those practices. I look forward to a great rest of the summer.

Jose Lazaro, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2020

My first few weeks at Quarles & Brady have been absolutely phenomenal. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and willing to help me figure things out. The work has also been great, giving me the opportunity to learn about diverse legal fields and different strategies when problem solving.

Edgar Matias, Chicago Office Chicago-Kent College of Law, Class of 2020

Quarles & Brady takes the time to craft a summer associate program that offers meaningful work, an opportunity to explore interesting practice areas, connections to attorneys in the firm, and plenty of opportunities to get to know people. The work assignments we have received so far come from practice areas that we are interested in, and offer meaningful opportunities to draft briefs or motions, conduct complicated legal research, and confer with partners and associates about our projects. I have enjoyed getting to know attorneys in the health law group, and have already completed research assignments for two clients. It's been a great way to learn not only how the law works, but how to become a successful attorney.

Angela O'Brien, Madison Office University of Wisconsin Law School, Class of 2020

I did not realize that I was nervous about starting at Q&B until I showed up to work on the first day, but the Summer Committee and the Recruiting Team immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome. From the beginning, it is clear that Q&B is invested in training, mentoring, and opportunity. From grabbing coffee with my liaison to receiving feedback from my reader, I feel as though everyone at Q&B wants to help me succeed. In addition, the program does an excellent job encouraging you to meet people and learn from those around you.

Emiley Pagrabs, Phoenix Office Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Class of 2021

My introduction to Quarles & Brady has been nothing short of exceptional. Everyone at the firm has been incredibly welcoming of our entire summer class, and the summer committee has made it clear that they are committed to our success in the program. After only a couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to observe multiple hearings in court, attend client interviews, and observe a rezoning hearing—not to mention the brief that an assigning attorney and I just submitted to the court this afternoon. Aside from legal experience, the firm has also held some incredible events so far (the scavenger hunt was particularly memorable). I can only hope that the rest of the summer goes as well as the beginning, because it's been amazing.

Anthony Pusateri, Phoenix Office Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Class of 2020

My first three weeks at Quarles & Brady have been excellent. Every staff member and attorney I have encountered so far has gone above and beyond to welcome me to the firm. I look forward to coming in to the office morning and having the opportunity to work within a wide range of practice groups. I have already learned so much from the associates and partners I have worked with. Outside of the office, we have been able to explore Milwaukee by going on a tour of the WE Energies Power Plant and visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum. I am excited to continue learning and meeting everyone throughout the rest of the summer.

Hannah Schwartz, Milwaukee Office University of Wisconsin Law School, Class of 2021

We were all excited to jump into our projects after the first few days of training. I received multiple projects that were real - not just busy work - and challenging. The assigning attorneys are eager to help and also make an effort to get off the desk with the summer associates for lunch, providing a great opportunity for us to learn about the firm's various practice groups and proud culture.

Brendan Sofen, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2021

The start of my Quarles & Brady experience has been awesome. In just a few weeks the entire Phoenix office has made me feel like a part of the Quarles team. From social events to impromptu lunches, there has been no shortage of opportunities to interact with the attorneys in the Phoenix office.  The team has also worked hard to make sure that my fellow Summer Associates and I have an opportunity to do work that we have expressed interest in.

Tom Whitten, Phoenix Office SMU Dedman School of Law, Class of 2020

Quarles & Brady initially caught my attention because of their desire to hire well-rounded attorneys. I was immediately drawn to Quarles because every attorney I interviewed with seemed to really want to get to know me. Now as a Summer Associate I know that's part of the culture: everyone I've encountered has made me feel so welcome and at home. I've been impressed with the diversity in work assignments I've received and the number of hearings and depositions I've already attended, but I've been most impressed with the kindness shown to me by my co-workers. Quarles & Brady has already taught me so much, and I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow this summer.

Monica Wright, Indianapolis Office Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Class of 2021
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