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Practical Training Opportunities (07/10/2019)

One of my goals as a summer associate with Quarles & Brady was to see the inside of an active courtroom. Over the course of the summer the other summer associates and I have been given numerous opportunities to join the attorneys in court for hearings and trial conferences. Each experience has been unique and the attorneys at Q&B have done a great job of preparing us for the courtroom experience.

Rob Arbulu, Milwaukee Office University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2021

This summer has provided various substantial opportunities for me to receive practical training. Whether it be my memoranda sent directly to clients or observing court proceedings, I have been able to view exactly what it entails to be a practicing attorney at Quarles & Brady. All attorneys have been more than happy to provide such opportunities, making it easy to receive the practical education on a regular basis. The added bonus of talking to clients from across the globe makes it only that much more interesting!

Adrian DiMelis, Chicago Office University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2020

I'm impressed by the breadth of practical training provided throughout the summer program. Associates and Partners have invited me to attend a pre-election hearing at the National Labor Relations Board, an employment-based and a family-based green card interview at USCIS, and a client event. In my last few weeks of the program, I'll attend two motion to dismiss hearings. These diverse practical opportunities are great examples of real-life lawyering that would be difficult to convey in a classroom.

Libby Glass, Chicago Office Wake Forest University School of Law, Class of 2021

Quarles & Brady has put a strong emphasis on finding a balance between practical training opportunities, meaningful work projects, and social activities. The firm has given me the opportunity to see many practical training opportunities, both in the courtroom and for a transactional practice, including the opportunity to attend a summary judgment hearing, trial, and pre-closing conference call. The attorneys took the time before the opportunities to explain why it was happening and what the likely result would be. They also debriefed after the event, allowing me to ask questions, so all the opportunities were truly learning opportunities.

Liz Kelley, Madison Office University of Minnesota Law School, Class of 2020

I am thankful for the practical training opportunities I have received up to this point in the summer. Just recently I had the opportunity to sit with David Groose from Public Finance, who walked me through the process of drafting the necessary documents for an issuance of general obligation promissory notes. Additionally, earlier in the summer I had the opportunity to sit in on a corporate finance phone call with Rachel Mather, which allowed to me to gain a better understanding of her practice. These experiences have brought great value to my summer experience, and I look forward to any remaining opportunities.

Jose Lazaro, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2020

The summer associate committee has done a fantastic job listening to our interests and providing us with relevant practical training opportunities throughout the summer. For instance, some have met clients, observed client phone calls, attended court hearings, observed a live deposition, and more.

Michelle Mersberger, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2020

The other day, I was in a partner's office to ask him a question about a project. When a call from the opposing party came in, he invited me to stay and listen, taking the time afterward to talk about what had happened. At Quarles, the attorneys want to make sure you have every opportunity to understand what their day is like. From sitting in on depositions to going to court, there are numerous opportunities to observe and learn. Everyone is invested in your development and wants to give you the tools to succeed.

Emiley Pagrabs, Phoenix Office Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Class of 2021

The Practical Training Opportunities have been tremendously helpful, and the tips provided have saved me a lot of time on many assignments. I did not realize how many resources I already had at my disposal and these sessions helped uncover some very useful documents and templates. These sessions have also helped me narrow down the area I want to ultimately practice in and I am really thankful that Quarles & Brady provides such amazing training for its attorneys and summer associates!

Emily Plakon, Tampa Office Stetson University College of Law, Class of 2020

The firm really makes an effort to expose all of the summer associates to practical training opportunities, particularly if the summer associate has expressed an interest in that area of law. I've had the opportunity to observe proceedings in district and bankruptcy court, as well as sit in on several client calls and even a new client consultation. Later in the summer, I'm scheduled to observe a deposition and an oral argument in Superior Court.

Anthony Pusateri, Phoenix Office Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Class of 2020

My first practical training opportunity was sitting in on a deposition in which we defended a company against a racial discrimination claim. Being able to observe a senior labor and employment attorney in action was a unique and valuable opportunity. I learned about the significant preparation that is necessary, as well as the right way to approach asking probative questions. It gave me a true sense of what being a practicing lawyer is like.

Brendan Sofen, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2021

I really value the practical training opportunities that I’ve been provided at Quarles & Brady. I’ve had the opportunity to attend court hearings, depositions, and sit in on negotiation calls. This experience has allowed me to hone in on my skills and interests to decide whether I’m interested in litigation or transactional work.

Danielle Stanciel, Chicago Office Georgetown University Law Center, Class of 2020

This summer, the attorneys in the Indianapolis office have gone out of their way to make sure I attend practical training opportunities. I’ve been able to observe a number of CLEs, depositions, calls with opposing counsel, hearings, and oral arguments. These opportunities have given me the chance to interact directly with clients, judges, clerks, attorneys, and other summer associates. I especially enjoyed attending an Indiana Supreme Court oral argument, and was even able to speak to the Justices after the argument. I have been thoroughly impressed with Quarles and Brady’s dedication to providing summer associates with practical training opportunities.

Monica Wright, Indianapolis Office Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Class of 2021
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