Careers at Quarles & Brady

Summer Associate Perspectives

Practical Training Opportunities

I had the opportunity to attend several depositions this summer with various attorneys. I really enjoyed these experiences because they provided context for what litigation practice actually looks like. I also appreciated the chance to observe different attorneys because it showed that there is a variety of styles and methods to approaching depositions.

Madeline Corday, Phoenix Office Arizona State University, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Class of 2019

The attorneys in the Indianapolis office have frequently invited me to participate in practical training opportunities. I have joined federal and state court hearings, sat in on client calls, and attended mediations and depositions in the short few weeks that I have been at Quarles this summer. The attorneys introduce me to the judges and clients when appropriate and provide an opportunity for me to ask questions afterward. These practical training opportunities provided me with learning experiences that I could not get in a classroom and were a notable aspect of my summer experience.

Michael Couch, Indianapolis Office University of Indiana-Maurer School of Law, Class of 2019

The partners and associates do a great job to make sure you are included in practical experiences such as court hearings, depositions, and client calls. In my very first week, I was asked by a senior associate to sit in on a client call and was given all the attorney-client emails surrounding the issue so I actually knew what was going on during the conversation. The associate even followed up with me after to ask if I had any questions. I have also been to both state and federal court for multiple matters and got the opportunity to sit in on a full length deposition of a doctor. During every practical training opportunity, the associate or partner always fills you in with the information you need to fully understand what is being discussed, providing you with a richer learning experience.

Amy Lenz, Chicago Office Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2019

Most seasoned attorneys will say, law schools do not prepare its students to practice law. Thankfully, Quarles does. Since starting my Summer Associate experience, I have had the opportunity to work closely with both partners and associates on various client matters. I have had the opportunity to draft briefs, motions, and conduct research used to inform client deliverables. After crafting these documents, I have consistently been provided with meaningful and timely feedback, allowing me to develop as a young attorney.

Stephanie Moon, Chicago Office Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2019

This summer, myself and another summer associate, had the opportunity work on an assignment for an attorney that required us to research the likelihood that a specific provision in a leasing contract would be enforceable. The results of our research would determine the negotiation strategy moving forward with a client. We then had the opportunity to sit in on the client call and listen to the way that our research actually shaped the negotiation strategy for the client. This was a great experience and allowed us the opportunity to view the practical implications of our research as summer associates.

Kaitlin Phillips, Chicago Office University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2019

Quarles & Brady provides its summer associates with practical training throughout the summer. I have had the opportunity to attend various client meetings, depositions, hearings, and trials, and the attorneys that I have observed have been more than willing to explain their strategy, answer questions, and follow up with me as matters progress. From these experiences, it is clear that the attorneys at Q&B are genuinely interested in the professional development of summer associates. The opportunity to observe and learn from highly skilled and experienced attorneys has been particularly valuable, and is one of the many things that makes Q&B's summer associate program great.

Hilary Weaver, Phoenix Office Arizona State University, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Class of 2020