Careers at Quarles & Brady

Summer Associate Perspectives

Quarles & Brady 2017 Work Assignments

This summer, I've been given all kinds of projects from real estate transactions and foreclosures, to franchise disclosures and breach of contract litigation, and a few fascinating pro bono cases—I even got to attend a trial in my first full week. I drafted a motion for summary judgment in a foreclosure case that dealt with the subtle difference between the statute of repose and statute of limitation. Addressing discreet legal issues has certainly tested, and sharpened, my research and writing skills. I've had the opportunity to work extensively on a particular franchise case drafting a motion to bifurcate trial and a few motions in limine. I'm looking forward to seeing how this case plays out at trial later in the summer.

Nick D'Amico, Tampa Office Levin College of Law, University of Florida, Class of 2018

Five weeks into the summer, I have already gotten a taste from a wide variety of legal fields. Ranging from transactional, corporate work to research and memos in commercial litigation, I have built new perspectives as well as improved my writing in an upward trajectory. One of my favorite projects this far has entailed a problem of Bankruptcy. Delving into secured transactions and carefully distinguishing subtleties between issues of perfection and control was a challenging experience, but also exciting and rewarding. I look forward to see what will come next!

Chris Gerber, Phoenix Office University of Arizona School of Law, Class of 2018

This summer I have worked on assignments ranging from research memoranda to various group projects. The group projects have allowed us to hone in on our teamwork and leadership skills, qualities that good attorneys possess. My research memoranda have ranged from general topics under partnership law to narrow issues under Navajo Nation law. These projects have been edifying and challenging, and I look forward to what comes next!

Yalda Godusi, Phoenix Office Vanderbilt University Law School, Class of 2018

Right from the start, attorneys at Quarles & Brady LLP had projects queued for me that were related to my focus in patent law. The attorneys in the Intellectual Property practice group have been nothing but accommodating, and they have provided me with stimulating work as well as constructive feedback. I appreciate that the firm has allowed me to be a part of the assignment process and give input into the type of projects on which I would like to work. I am very happy about the exposure I am getting to my field of interest.

Brian Laning, Milwaukee Office Marquette University Law School, Class of 2018

I am enjoying the opportunity to conduct meaningful work and shadow the attorneys. I have observed hearings, attended depositions, and sat in on client phone calls. I have been given a variety of work assignments. Thus far, I have drafted a deposition outline, assisted with a mediation letter, and researched a variety of case law. In addition, I assisted a team of attorneys on a pro bono case that required a rapid response. It has been rewarding to see my work transformed into arguments for a brief or advice to clients.

Shamika Mazyck, Indianapolis Office Indiana University McKinney School of Law, Class of 2018

The work assignments at Quarles are interesting and diverse. I have been here just over a month and already drafted a demand letter to an insurance company, prepared a letter to a client about an upcoming change in the law, drafted a motion to dismiss a case in federal court, researched the currently uncertain status of Florida's evidence code regarding admission of expert testimony, and much more. Quarles has been fantastic about exposing me to different areas of the law this summer and providing me with meaningful assignments that actually affect a client's experience.

Bill Parks, Naples Office Levin College of Law, University of Florida, Class of 2018

The work assignments this summer have been fantastic. I get to work on assignments in practice groups that I wanted to try and practice groups that I never thought to try before. Partners and associates are helpful and always available to answer questions. The work itself is substantive and can be charged directly to the client. I even sat in on a client call for a deal that was closing immediately. The work assignments have been really good work experience and very eye-opening in terms of what practice areas I like.

Karim Popatia, Chicago Office Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Class of 2018

This summer, I've had the opportunity to complete projects in multiple practice groups. The variety of assignments has exposed me to areas of law in which I had no previous experience. This variety has been ideal, and has helped me identify the practice areas that I'd most like to pursue.

Andrew Stoker, Milwaukee Office University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2018

The work assignments have been challenging and diverse, as they have introduced me to new areas of the law with which I am unfamiliar. Some have been more transactional and regulatory in nature while others have been litigation-focused, allowing me to really dive into the law and think critically before submitting my finished product to the attorney. I have enjoyed working with numerous different attorneys, both associates and partners, in a variety of practice groups. I appreciate the diversity and flexibility of the program because it has allowed me to reach out to attorneys for work while also providing me with interesting assignments that I may not have sought out independently.

Hailey Varner, Chicago Office University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2018

I expressed an interest in Commercial Litigation before I even began the summer. The Milwaukee Work Coordinator along with other attorneys in the Commercial Litigation group have done a great job providing me with a variety of assignments from this practice group. I have worked on projects involving the availability of the attorney-client privilege for in-house counsel across several jurisdictions, how laches can be a defense to a claim for reformation of an insurance policy, the knowledge requirement in a civil aiding and abetting claim in Wisconsin, and multiple areas of ERISA. I have developed better research and writing skills through these assignments and I am looking forward to improving more as the summer progresses!

Lauren Zenk, Milwaukee Office University of Minnesota Law School, Class of 2018

Coming into this summer, I knew that I was interested in litigation. My goal has been to continue to gain litigation experience, while also trying out new practice areas so I could get a feel for them and make sure litigation is the right choice for me. Quarles has made it very easy for me to accomplish this goal. I have been able to build upon my litigation skills by writing memos, performing legal research, and attending hearings and trials. However, I have also been able to take on assignments from a variety of practice areas, including real estate, intellectual property, health law, business law, tax-exempt organizations, and labor & employment. It has been great to gain exposure to these other areas and explore areas of the law I have no prior experience with. Although I still think litigation is the right choice for me, it has been very rewarding to gain all of this new experience thanks to Quarles & Brady and our excellent Work Coordinators, Erin Fox and Jaya White.

Mike Zolfo, Chicago Office Chicago-Kent College of Law, Class of 2017