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Summer Associate Perspectives

Writing Workshop

In law school, we are trained to write in a style that demonstrates that we understand the information that we were taught during the semester. In a school setting, this writing style is useful because it focuses on what we are writing. As attorneys, however, our writing style cannot solely focus on what we are writing. We must also focus on our readers (i.e., clients, partners, etc.). Focusing on our readers helps to ensure that the readers comprehend the information that we are communicating. Professor McEnerney's writing course taught us useful editing techniques that allow us to not only think about what we are writing but also about who will be reading our work. These editing techniques will make it much easier for our readers to understand our written work product and make our written work product much more valuable.

Martin Childs, Chicago Office Michigan State University College of Law, Class of 2019

The writing workshop was a great way to start off the summer by getting all of the summer associates back to the basics. Professor McEnerney zeroed in on some of the most common mistakes made by legal writers and spent the session showing us all quick ways to recognize and correct these bad habits.

Michael Couch, Indianapolis Office University of Indiana-Maurer School of Law, Class of 2019

The writing workshop was a very beneficial experience. Certain points were made that will likely stay with my writing, no matter what format I am involved in. The professor was very supportive and was willing to answer all questions we had—even minor details he pointed out have already affected my writing. I will continue to consider his lecture as I continue writing both during work and elsewhere.

Adrian DiMelis, Chicago Office University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2020

The writing workshop provided a fresh perspective on legal writing techniques. The professor who instructed us went back to the basics and had some interesting insight into many of the "writing rules" we have been taught through the years. He challenged us to look past the cliché rules and to instead, focus on the reader. He stressed that with the reader and the purpose for the writing in mind, our writing would improve.

Amy Lenz, Chicago Office Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2019

The writing program was a fantastic practical learning opportunity. Professor McEnerney provided a range of techniques to become a better writer in both the short and long run.

Michelle Mersberger, Milwaukee Office Marquette University School of Law, Class of 2020

Quarles & Brady gave us an opportunity to learn from a Professor at the University of Chicago. The knowledge passed onto us was incredibly valuable because Professor McEnerney immediately pointed out common writing mistakes and how to fix them. He changed how I communicate in writing in three hours.

Victoria Minneman, Washington, D.C. Office University of Florida Levin College of Law, Class of 2019

Quarles' writing workshop was amazing. The instructor was both helpful and enjoyable. He taught an interactive class and provided great takeaways.

Stephanie Moon, Chicago Office Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Class of 2019

Reading your work for mistakes is easy, but correcting your own work for flow and sentence structure can be a daunting task. In three hours, Larry gave us great advice on how to make our writing more readable and easier to understand. Professor Larry McEnerney's "reader-focused" approach to writing has really changed how I write legal memorandums this summer!

Sarah Noe, Phoenix Office University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Class of 2020

The writing workshop with Professor McEnerney was one of my favorite aspects of the summer associate orientation program here at Quarles & Brady. Professor McEnerney introduced us to aspects of legal writing, and writing in general, that I had never thought of before. Coming out of law school, where client driven writing is essentially obsolete, it was incredibly beneficial to learn how to write in a way that ot only produces the best possible outcomes for your clients but demonstrates your value as their attorney as well. The writing workshop equipped me with valuable lessons and tools that I will be able to utilize beyond the summer program experience.

Kaitlin Phillips, Chicago Office University of Illinois College of Law, Class of 2019

The Writing Workshop was extremely insightful. The information provided by Professor McEnerney truly improved my approach to legal writing. He challenged us to think broadly and critically to show how we can provide more value to the client through our writing. I am excited to see how my legal writing continues to evolve as I apply the techniques from the workshop throughout the remainder of law school and as I begin my legal career.

Danielle Stanciel, Chicago Office Georgetown University Law Center, Class of 2020