C. Bradley Vynalek, Partner and Firm President

Tenets of Practice

As an attorney and a leader, Brad practices excellent client service standards. These are a few personal principles that guide his practice:

Paid to be Paranoid: Brad looks for the traps and pitfalls in order to anticipate what could go wrong and head it off. The object is not to look for trouble where none exists but to spot where it could crop up, and to make sure it never does.

Scalpel, Not Chainsaw: Brad seeks the efficient, analytical solution rather than scorching the earth and sorting out the problems afterward.

Build Teams, Not Silos: Brad sees the trees and selects the ones that create the best forests. He connects talents and interests, and he also takes the time to help both his teams and his clients look their best in the midst of legal business.

Respond Sooner Than Later: No one likes to be kept waiting, and clients never should. Brad knows that his services are often critical to his clients, so he doesn’t allow them to wonder for long how things are progressing.

Speak to Them in Their Own Language: Whether he’s dealing with the CEO or a line worker, Brad speaks to people in terms they understand and avoids lawyer-ese unless he’s talking to another attorney.

Loyalty Matters: Brad focuses on his clients and their businesses rather than aggrandizing what he and the firm are doing. He became an attorney to serve and to make an impact on his clients’ lives and companies, and he never loses track of his priorities.

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