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Emergency Response and Crisis Management

Rapid, effective legal counsel and action in response to crisis events

Capabilities at a glance 

  • Quick and pragmatic support in the immediate aftermath of an event, covering everything from cleanup to strategic communications.
  • Maximizing insurance coverage, including litigation.
  • Extensive experience conducting investigations into root causes and the effects on neighbors and the environment.
  • Defending environmental and OSHA enforcement actions.
  • Strong relationships with relevant agencies at the federal and state level, built on over three decades of counseling clients on all aspects of environmental law.
  • Well-coordinated support from a national, full-service law firm, able to get boots on the ground quickly wherever an environmental emergency occurs.

Reassuring legal support in the event of an environmental crisis 

If the worst happens and an environmental emergency occurs that affects your business, you need legal support from a team that understands the territory. Our multidisciplinary team advises clients before, during and after crisis events—from emergency response and communications planning, to boots on the ground in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. We know from experience that it is vital to move quickly and focus on key priorities. In the event of a crisis, whether it is a spill, an explosion or something else, we will respond immediately, form the appropriate legal support team and work with key client personnel to identify internal responsibilities and chains of command. We support recovery and cleanup efforts, advise regarding OSHA and environmental reporting and compliance, coordinate root cause analyses and conditions to reopening, defend against and resolve enforcement actions, and oversee environmental investigations and remediation necessary.

Reliable attorneys with emergency response experience you can trust 

We respond quickly and effectively to emergencies because we have the experience needed to provide a steady hand and a clear way forward. We represent companies throughout the U.S. operating across a range of industries where crises may occur, including pulp and paper, electric utility, foundry, steel making, chemical production, general manufacturing, the food industry and health care. We help our clients manage risks, address crises when they occur and, day-to-day, comply with and maximize opportunities presented by the complex web of environmental, health and safety (EH&S), OSHA and insurance regulations and laws. We help find solutions that are consistent with your management and compliance goals as well as regulatory trends and company culture.


  • Defending from government lawsuits companies that have experienced a catastrophic fire, explosion or other loss.
  • Assisting companies through the immediate and long-term post-crisis process.
  • Advising regarding insurance claims to maximize recovery.
  • Responding to OSHA citations.
  • Negotiating re-opening and operating conditions, penalties and, where necessary, remediation.


  • Our client experienced an explosion and fire at its chemical plant. We coordinated the root cause analysis, the corrective action requirements and the environmental investigation and remediation. We also represented the client in the related lawsuit brought by the state, negotiated an early return to production and negotiated a favorable settlement that included plant improvements and a more than 70% reduced penalty in lieu of the state’s original penalty demand.
  • Our client suffered a massive explosion and fire, resulting in a multi-count complaint from the state attorney general. We negotiated an agreed order limiting our client’s remediation obligations and allowing our client to move forward with the demolition. We also fended off the state’s asbestos NESHAP claims, resulting in the state’s withdrawal of the claims.
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