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Patent - Manufacturing

Obtaining the strongest patent protection for your manufacturing business

Capabilities at a glance

  • Deep technical knowledge of all kinds of manufacturing, thanks to a team of patent attorneys with extensive mechanical, electrical, biomedical and chemical engineering backgrounds.
  • With multiple former patent examiners and experience built up over tens of thousands of patent applications, our patent prosecution team understands what the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is looking for in an application.
  • A full-service Intellectual Property Practice Group that covers you from the conception of an idea to our leading IP litigators defending your patents in court.
  • Skilled attorneys who will give you a better prosecution strategy and reduce your infringement risks, as well as managing your day-to-day work.

Shared purpose with clients on manufacturing patent law

We understand patents are foundational assets for manufacturing companies. We approach patent prosecution, like all of our work, with an intense focus on how it impacts our clients’ business goals. We craft our protection strategies to best serve those goals and to most effectively complement our clients’ existing portfolios. We work with clients of all sizes to secure patents that maximize the value of their innovations and pave the road to the marketplace. For many clients, our patent prosecution work acts as a foundation for comprehensive patent services that include counsel on global portfolio management, patent family development, patent clearance counseling and enforcement strategies. Our strength is in enhancing the value of your technologies through skillful patent planning and execution. We know your innovations are vital to your ongoing success.

Deep technical knowledge drawn from across a range of industries

Quarles attorneys have amassed technical knowledge both broad and deep. With extensive engineering backgrounds, our team of patent lawyers has helped many manufacturing clients manage their portfolios. This industry knowledge combines with our legal skills and strategic thinking about your future patent value to offer a truly holistic legal partnership. Our attorneys have worked on all manner of manufacturing patents, including those related to agricultural and construction machinery, automated control systems, engine components, factory automation, power tools, motor drives, powder metals and welding systems.


  • Automated control systems
  • Complex motor controls
  • Communication systems, protocols and devices
  • Computer software, architecture and networking
  • Electronics and diagnostic testing systems
  • Materials processing and manufacturing
  • Position and motion control systems
  • Vehicle systems and components
  • Power tools
  • Pipeline connectors
  • Concrete tensioning
  • Engine components
  • Turbo charger system valves
  • Electrical tools and instruments

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