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Jet Fuel Consortiums

Ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of jet fuel across U.S. airports

Capabilities at a glance

  • A uniquely dedicated and experienced Jet Fuel Consortiums team that has been operating in this field for more than two decades.
  • Great relationships with the main national players. Our lawyers already know and understand the airlines, airports and different regulatory regimes involved.
  • A collaborative approach to legal services in an area of business founded on the same idea. We know good communication helps you make the most of every transaction.
  • Business-focused attorneys who understand you operate in a world of fine margins and will help you find the most cost-effective answer to any legal question.

Supporting our clients’ goals of efficiency and profitability

Jet fuel has traditionally been the airlines' second-highest operating expense, exceeded only by labor, and as a result of oil price hikes, it is now the largest single expense for many airlines. In a highly competitive business, the fuel consortium stands out as an example of cooperation among the member airlines. The airline members of fuel consortiums work together and pool resources to operate the jet fuel distribution system in a cost-effective manner. Quarles has an experienced Jet Fuel Consortiums team that is founded on the same principles of cooperation and efficiency. Few law firms anywhere possess our grasp of this unique area of law, and we have assembled a full team to assist our clients in controlling the cost of delivering the fuel to their member airlines, which is critical to their survival and profitability.

Deep knowledge of the specialist world of jet fuel consortiums

Quarles is one of the few elite law firms in the country that provide services in this legal arena. Our attorneys represent jet fuel consortium entities at more than a dozen major U.S. airports, and we have over 20 years of experience in the field. We have formed a special client service team to serve our fuel consortium clients, which may be a legal entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company, or it may be a committee composed of the member airlines. We help our clients with a diverse array of legal questions, including real estate transactions and other issues, corporate work such as structuring the fuel consortium entity, negotiations and agreements with airports and environmental authorities, financing of new fuel facilities, taxation issues, litigation and more.


  • Assisting airline representatives in forming new entities for fuel consortium groups.
  • Providing advice regarding the structure of fuel consortium entities, alongside general corporate advice.
  • Assisting with financing for the construction of new fuel facilities to serve airports, or the expansion or retrofitting of existing facilities to meet new regulatory requirements.
  • Negotiating and documenting any and all real estate transactions.
  • Advising on remediation of fuel releases and negotiations with environmental authorities.
  • Providing litigation-related advice, including advising on contractual disputes that can arise over new facilities.
  • Providing state and local legal advice on property taxation issues.

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