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Class Action Defense

Counsel that always protects your interests in any class action

Capabilities at a glance 

  • One of the most experienced class action teams in the country, with a record of successful class action defense that speaks for itself.
  • Proactive attorneys who take an offense-oriented posture, when possible, in seeking dismissal or challenging class certification from the outset.
  • We bring a wealth of trial and appellate experience to each case, allowing us to take aggressive positions throughout each phase of a class action.
  • Deep and precise knowledge of class action developments at a national, regional and local level, including individual court preferences and rule variations.

An innovative and strategic approach to class action suits 

The battle over whether to certify a class is often the most critical issue our clients face. We aggressively fight class certification whenever possible, as its defeat frequently sounds the death knell for the plaintiff’s suit. When class litigation is likely to proceed, our attorneys are also well-equipped to deal with discovery, expert preparation, and briefings and hearings, working closely with our clients to determine the best outcome. This could take the form of settlement after subsequent motion practice on the substantive claims or taking the case to trial, which we have done on a number of occasions. We will work with you to develop the strongest factual and legal defenses available and to formulate the best strategy for limiting your risk and defeating your case.

A reputation for successful defense across a range of industries

Our lawyers regularly handle class actions through all phases — initial analysis, oppositions to certification, discovery, dispositive motions and, when necessary, trial — across a broad spectrum of substantive areas. Whether a complaint alleges matters relating to antitrust, consumer protection, employment, products liability, securities, insurance, labor or any number of other claims, we bring a solid base of past experience and success to each new matter. We have successfully defended financial institutions, manufacturers, consumer-facing businesses, health care providers, franchisors, direct sales companies and a variety of employers, across a range of state and federal courts.


  • Antitrust
  • Consumer protection
  • Employment and labor
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Privacy and medical record regulations
  • Data security
  • Products liability
  • Securities and fiduciary litigation
  • TCPA and marketing regulations


  • A large consumer-facing client was hit with a putative class action challenging its business model and selling practices. Our litigators moved to dismiss successive amended complaints, eventually getting two of the three counts dismissed. We then took an aggressive posture in discovery, limiting the information the client was required to disclose to plaintiffs in discovery. When plaintiffs’ counsel moved to certify the alleged class, we vigorously opposed the effort. The motion for class certification was denied by a federal judge after an evidentiary hearing. Soon thereafter, our client settled the plaintiffs’ individual claims for a very modest sum, with no attorneys’ fees.
  • Our litigators defeated a TCPA class action brought against our client, a large insurance company. In response to the plaintiff’s claim, our litigators objected to the broad discovery being sought and successfully defended against the plaintiff’s motion to compel. This served to narrow the class so extremely from what plaintiff’s counsel anticipated that they settled the case on an individual basis.

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