Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Counsel that works decisively to protect your real estate and construction interests

Capabilities at a glance 

  • A substantial multidisciplinary team of lawyers with significant experience in real estate and construction law.
  • Deep understanding of the kind of service that matters to you — clear, decisive and focused on helping your project or transaction go through smoothly and without delay.
  • As part of a full-service firm with 13 offices around the country, we can draw on the legal and industry knowledge of attorneys in nearly every area of legal practice.
  • Seasoned attorneys attuned to helping clients determine their objectives, identify appropriate options and pursue positive results quickly and successfully.

Effective legal support for your real estate or construction project 

Where real estate disputes are concerned, timing is everything. We understand transactions typically occur within a short window of opportunity, so disagreements need to be resolved quickly and decisively. We offer our clients effective action that minimizes the costs and risks associated with lengthy real estate disputes, but we never sacrifice high quality legal counsel in the interests of speed. Our Real Estate and Construction Litigation team also understands the complex issues that can impede major building projects. We regularly review, draft and help negotiate clear, understandable contracts in order to minimize the likelihood of confusion or disagreements. When disputes do arise, we work with our clients and opposing parties to reach favorable resolutions that preserve key relationships while minimizing negative publicity. When necessary, we have a team of experienced trial lawyers to litigate your case through verdict and appeal.

Agile attorneys handling all kinds of real estate and construction disputes 

In the world of real estate, our team has years of solid, consistent experience helping clients both large and small. We represent buyers, sellers and other parties engaged in virtually any form of real estate transaction, including individuals, real estate investment trusts (REIT), developers, real estate agencies and brokers, investors, associations, builders and many others. Our attorneys are equally aggressive in pursuing all of our clients' goals, whether as defendant's or plaintiff's counsel.

For construction projects, our attorneys represent parties involved in all parts of the construction industry and on both sides of the negotiating table. We also work closely with creditors and debtors in construction-related bankruptcies and insolvencies. We speak your language; our team has strong backgrounds in real estate, finance, contract law, real-world experience in engineering and construction management, and in-depth knowledge of local regulations and legislation. We help our clients negotiate the often-thorny path toward dispute resolution smoothly and successfully.


Real estate litigation experience

  • Fraud and racketeering
  • Earnest money, escrow and deposits
  • Material nondisclosures
  • Unwinding agreements
  • Condemnation
  • Property development matters
  • Land use, zoning and easements
  • Misrepresentation
  • Commercial and industrial leases
  • Property management agreements
  • Title insurance

Construction litigation experience

  • Arbitration, administrative hearings and Federal Boards of Contract appeals actions
  • Architect and engineer disputes
  • Bid protests
  • Breach of contract
  • Claims alleging design and construction errors and omissions
  • Claims for extras, delay, acceleration, disruption, loss of productivity and out-of-sequence work
  • Compensation claims
  • Construction and design defect claims
  • Construction financing issues
  • Contract drafting and negotiation with contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects and consultants
  • Delay, disruption and acceleration disputes
  • Different site condition claims
  • Insurance disputes
  • Land use and zoning disputes
  • Payment disputes
  • Performance bond disputes
  • Project management, scheduling and critical path analysis
  • Scope of work disputes
  • Subcontractor listing and substitution hearings
  • Termination actions
  • Title insurance disputes
  • Water intrusion and mold claims


  • We represented a limited partnership in a real estate fraud complaint against a prominent Arizona land broker. Following a two-week trial, our client won a $1.4 million RICO treble-damages verdict.
  • On behalf of a Texas-based commercial lessor, we pursued a $16 million breach of lease lawsuit against the anchor tenant of one of our clients’ high-rise buildings. After the court granted our motion for summary judgment, we negotiated a multi-million-dollar settlement on terms favorable to our client.
  • We successfully defended an award to our client on a $60 million highway reconstruction project from a bid protest by its competitor.
  • We successfully represented a regional industrial contractor under the American Arbitration Association construction arbitration rules in a dispute with a municipality concerning a multi-million-dollar wastewater treatment plant project.

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