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Life in Q&B Cities

Quarles & Brady has offices in 10 cities of varying size, spread over five great states and the District of Columbia. From our Midwestern offices in Chicago, Indianapolis, Madison, and Milwaukee, to our Southwestern pair of offices in Phoenix and Tucson, to our Florida offices in Naples and Tampa, and finally in Washington, D.C., we’re ready to knock our clients’ socks off pretty much across the country. Each of our “home towns” has a lot to offer to legal professionals, and we’re always ready to help new recruits explore the surroundings if they’re new to the area.

If you wish to apply to the Chicago and Minneapolis office, please contact Marguerite Durston. If you wish to apply to the Madison, Milwaukee or Washington, D.C. office, please contact Donna Key. If you wish to apply to the Indianapolis, Naples or Tampa office, please contact Jennifer McKinney. If you wish to apply to the Phoenix or Tucson office, please contact Frank Guebara.

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