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Our Culture

At Quarles & Brady, we pride ourselves on our diversity, creativity, and the varied experiences that illuminate our collective ability to serve our clients. In fact, you’ll find the people at Quarles & Brady are varied in taste, interests, age, and—most importantly—ideas. We work as a team and we know that every team needs players skilled at different positions. We are not a checklist, cookie-cutter kind of place, but we are united by our dedication to our clients and our professional development. We have always valued personal freedom and individuality, which are at the core of the firm's management philosophy.

We are an eclectic, energetic, enthusiastic group of lawyers and professionals with the common goal of providing excellent legal services to our clients.

We are forward-looking, creative people who enjoy challenge and we are always finding other ways to look at problems to find the best solutions for our clients.

If you are a person with a brain in good working order, great interpersonal skills, motivation, goals, and ideas, get out your shades because you should have a bright future at Quarles & Brady!

Diversity & Inclusion

At Quarles & Brady, diversity & inclusion is more than a “feel-good” policy. It’s integral to the way in which we see ourselves, each other, and our practice as lawyers. It provides a richer work environment. It fosters creative thinking and problem solving. It’s good business. In short, it’s the right thing to do, for all those reasons and more.

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Pro Bono

You can care about the law and serve your clients well, but you’ve got to care about justice to serve the law well. We consider it our duty to ensure justice is available to all, regardless of income, and we strive to provide quality legal representation for those in our communities who are least able to pay, yet most in need of our services.

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Work & Life

We are proud of our achievements and continuing efforts to provide our attorneys with the flexibility they need to have a full and complete life.

We have gone to great lengths to put systems in place to achieve a well-balanced and full life. We firmly believe that happy lawyers are better lawyers. Because you are setting your own schedule and managing your own workload (within the parameters of client demands), you have the control you need to balance the competing demands of work and your personal life. We also have some concrete tools designed to achieve this result, such as our generous maternity, paternity, and family leave policies; flexible work schedule policy; web-based network access; and Income Partner status.

We know that big firms have a reputation for over-working associates, but we want our lawyers to stay and to feel motivated to be part of our team, so we set reasonable goals. The firm's annual hours expectation for associates is at least 1,850 client billable, pro bono and Firm legal hours (collectively, "base hours"). Up to 3% of an associate's client billable hours spent on pro bono work will be considered in determining an associate's eligibility for a bonus. Any associate who records at least 1850 base hours during an associate year will be eligible for a bonus (assuming satisfactory performance).

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