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The Q&B Experience

Professional Development

You may think that you learn everything you need to know in law school. You don’t really think that, do you? If so, think again! Obviously, some of your most important legal education will happen on the job. That's why we offer a multi-faceted career and practice development programs that blends classroom learning with practical experience.

One of the 10 goals in the Quarles & Brady Strategic Plan states: "We will be an exemplary firm in terms of training, mentoring, and otherwise helping our professionals become successful in all respects.” Quarles & Brady is committed to training its associates as they progress to partnership.

The 2021 Quarles & Brady Associate Development Curriculum includes the following training modules:

  • Professional Aspects of Social Networking
  • Building Client Relationships
  • Client Interviewing
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Legal Writing
  • LinkedIn Professional Practicum
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Client Pitches
  • Cross-Selling
  • Giving and Getting Feedback
  • Generational Diversity
  • Personal Branding and Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Establishing Credibility

Q&B University

It used to be that associates learned the secrets of successful lawyering at the side of benevolent partners but were otherwise expected to magically know everything about being a successful partner when they became one. Quarles & Brady is not about to let an associate falter for lack of full and proper training, so we established “QBU”—Quarles & Brady University.


Mentoring & Training

Just because we have Q&B University doesn’t mean that the wisdom of partners has gone the way of the buggy whip. There are few more powerful teachers than experience, and our associates benefit from experience throughout their development, as they are assigned to at least one mentor from the day they come aboard. Similarly, we provide countless training resources for our attorneys at all levels.


Development & Evaluation

They say, “You get what you measure,” and whoever “they” are, they’re right. When associates join Quarles & Brady, they work with their mentors to build an “ADP,” an Associate Development Plan, which is used to define and track the path from “Newbie” to “Perry Mason” status.

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