Careers at Quarles & Brady

The Q&B Experience

Professional Development

While you learned a lot in law school, some of your most important legal education will happen on the job.

At Quarles & Brady, we are committed to the ongoing growth and development of our attorneys. This is why we offer a variety of programs, courses and training to provide the foundation for success as we guide attorneys to reach their full potential as lawyers and leaders.

We created Quarles & Brady University to provide our attorneys with the skills and knowledge most relevant to their practice. Our goal is to educate, inform and turn knowledge into effective, practical action. Additionally, our attorneys participate in various customized levels of these training programs – think 101, 201, 301 classes --, depending on their level of experience. Our curriculum covers topics such as client management, business development, financial planning, practice group-specific training, well-being, professional skills, and much more.

We’re not content to rest on our laurels when it comes to learning and development. That’s why we are partnering with a leading design agency to reimagine our approach to giving and receiving feedback. Constructive, honest, timely and actionable feedback is a critical part of professional development. With this project, we are bringing together open-minded people who are passionate about professional growth and development. We aim to materially improve the way we approach these conversations, and ultimately strengthen the firm’s culture. We believe a strong, healthy culture leads to better outcomes for clients, better trained and more engaged lawyers, and a more fun and rewarding work experience.

Well-Being Programming

We believe that when employees feel vibrant, that energy translates to their involvement with their colleagues, their clients and their communities. Quarles & Brady has a robust wellness program and is committed to the ABA's Well-Being Pledge to improve the health and well-being of our employees. We also provide various activities connected to well-being such as in-person presentations and webinars. The topics we discuss range from mental health to diet and exercise. As a firm, we will continue to create and develop regular programs related to individual well-being, ensuring our employees receive appropriate guidance and support when needed. For more information on our Well-Being Programs, click here.

Q&B University

It used to be that associates learned the secrets of successful lawyering at the side of benevolent partners but were otherwise expected to magically know everything about being a successful partner when they became one. Quarles & Brady is not about to let an associate falter for lack of full and proper training, so we established “QBU”—Quarles & Brady University.


Mentoring & Training

Just because we have Q&B University doesn’t mean that the wisdom of partners has gone the way of the buggy whip. There are few more powerful teachers than experience, and our associates benefit from experience throughout their development, as they are assigned to at least one mentor from the day they come aboard. Similarly, we provide countless training resources for our attorneys at all levels.


Development & Evaluation

They say, “You get what you measure,” and whoever “they” are, they’re right. When associates join Quarles & Brady, they work with their mentors to build an “ADP,” an Associate Development Plan, which is used to define and track the path from “Newbie” to “Perry Mason” status.

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