Client Stories

Milliken & Company

Relationships are two-way streets. As trusted counsel and advisors, Quarles & Brady attorneys are able to provide the best level of service when they are able to learn a company from top to bottom, inside and out. Members of the firm dedicate themselves to understanding every corner of a client's business, from its structure to its products, and marry the insights they glean firsthand with the whole of their legal experience, allowing them to produce the highest-quality, most efficient results for the client.

In the case of our client Milliken—a global provider of sustainable floor coverings, fabrics, and textiles—that bond goes a step further: Quarles & Brady is a client of Milliken, using the company's products in all of our national offices. Read the case study here

"Collaboration Is Key"

As the video below demonstrates, the multi-leveled collaboration between Quarles & Brady and Milliken has led to a unique and successful experience that has benefited both, and will continue to in the months and years to come.

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