Client Stories


When you represent America’s number-one mattress manufacturer, your first duty is to make sure the client sleeps well at night. Quarles & Brady is the “go-to” outside law firm for Serta, Inc. — we do more work for them than any other legal services provider, including a great deal of their critical intellectual property work. Our lawyers have been helping Serta protect and grow its brand for decades.

We Support Serta's Business

You probably look at a Serta mattress and think “comfort.” We look at our client's vast array of products and think of all the challenges and opportunities that might cross the path of such a high-profile industry leader. It’s enough to keep you up at night, counting those cool Serta Counting Sheep, but we never rest until we thoroughly understand our clients, their businesses, and the competitive marketplaces in which they operate.

The point is, we’ve spent almost as much time understanding every fiber and feature of Serta mattresses as customers have sleeping on them. Every member of the Serta legal team has toured the facilities and gotten to know the mattress business from the inside-out. We attend their trade shows and subscribe to their trade publications. We regularly visit their stores, and we monitor state and federal regulations that affect the industry. In short, we don’t just handle their legal matters, we share in the total business lifecycle of their products and operations.

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