Client Stories

Valpak Direct Marketing Systems

Just about every household in America will instantly recognize The Blue Envelope® in their mailboxes, telling them they’ve just received a stack of great deals from Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc. Each year, Valpak sends out some 20 billion offers in 500 million envelopes, while their® online service gets about 70 million views per month. That kind of complex network requires a lot of people to deliver on Valpak’s promise of value, and Quarles & Brady's signature franchise law practice has proven itself invaluable to the far-reaching company.

Understanding What’s Really in the Envelope

Our attorneys established a relationship with Valpak’s legal management even before Valpak actually had any work for them. They began by offering general advice concerning the growth of an international franchise operation, then slowly began providing services according to Valpak’s needs, modestly supporting the company’s internal legal department. Within a few years, our franchise lawyers were part and parcel of the Valpak legal team, providing industry advice and legal support along specific-but-crucial lines, allowing the in-house team to focus on the core business and its needs.

Quarles & Brady continues to bring value to this relationship through our simultaneous immersion in the general franchise industry and in Valpak's particular business operations. We’ve partnered with the company to attend, participate in, and host International Franchise Association meetings. We’ve assisted them in making presentations on utilizing new media and in developing strategies for distributing Valpak advertising services through new media channels. We’ve also built an outstanding relationship with the general counsel of the Valpak Franchisee Association, lending Valpak credibility in matters involving interpretations of the Franchise Agreement and enabling Valpak to more efficiently introduce new products, services, and distribution methods to its franchise network.

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