Client Stories

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

The usual measure of most law firm/client relationships is the value they provide to one another, but when lawyers and their clients come together to produce value for society as a whole—that’s another level altogether. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) strives to “help commercialize the technology arising from that research for the benefit of humankind.” Quarles & Brady strives to help our client make that mission a reality.

The Laws of Science

We aren’t research scientists, but many of the lawyers on our WARF legal team are scientists and engineers, holding advanced degrees in everything from biochemistry to mechanical engineering in addition to their law degrees. Understanding the law as it applies to research, and vice-versa, is important to helping clients like WARF, but because we can proficiently discuss theory and application with those working on technological breakthroughs, we are in a much better position to not only prosecute iron-clad patents, but help bring inventions to market. In the last 30 years, we’ve assembled an experienced, top-level team designed to handle every detail related to the transfer of critical, cutting-edge technology to the world at large.

Delivering Value

We understand firsthand the importance of the work WARF does. We are proud of our role in assisting the organization in a myriad of endeavors, from identifying and providing sound counsel regarding important industry topics, to educating the client on how new rulings or regulatory changes may affect their business, to how we’ve helped them license powerful advancements—such as their famous Vitamin D portfolio and their embryonic stem cell portfolio—all over the world. 

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