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Corporate Social Responsibility


Quarles & Brady’s Wellness Committee has created a culture of wellness in the firm that increases employee satisfaction and productivity, and has resulted in measurable improvement in our employees’ health and long-term medical costs. We accomplish this through a robust wellness program, including educational materials, lunch and learn programs, individual and team-based challenges, themed walks, health fairs, blood drives, on-site yoga classes, wellness screenings, and flu shots. We also partner with third-party organizations for disease management and employee assistance services, and help employees with costs associated with maintaining a health club membership and other healthy living expenses, such as personal trainers, weight loss programs, purchase of exercise equipment, smoking cessation, and more.

Our last year-end report showed:

  • A leveling off of health care expenses to the point that a large portion of the firm experienced no increase in health premiums for the last several years;
  • More than half our staff participated in the wellness program, with an increasing number of people earning discounts—and larger discounts—on their benefits; and
  • Higher wellness scores and a correlating drop in the number of health risks.