COVID-19: Guidance for Clients


Antitrust and Trade

03/26/20 – Newsletter
Antitrust Considerations in Context of the Pandemic: Cooperation with Other Companies
Business Law Alert
Contact: Andre Fiebig

Banking & Finance Institutions

03/23/20 – Newsletter
Managing Loan Defaults in the COVID-19 Environment
Bank On It Newsletter
Contacts: Kim Marie Wynn, Anthony C. Marino, Christopher Combest

03/27/20 – Newsletter
Federal Stimulus Package Makes Loans Available to Small Businesses to Help Keep People Employed
Business Law Alert

Commercial Finance

03/23/20 – Newsletter
SBA Offers Disaster Assistance Loans to Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19
Commercial Financial Services Alert
Contacts: Patrick J. Maxwell, Melissa McCord

Insurance Coverage

03/26/20 – Newsletter
COVID-19 Raises Novel Business Interruption Insurance Questions: Are You Covered?
Insurance Coverage Litigation
Contacts: Patrick S. Nolan, John A. Aramanda

Tax-Exempt Organizations

03/24/20 – Newsletter
How to Assist When Disaster Strikes: Relief Guidance for Charitable Organizations
Tax-Exempt Organizations
Contacts: Norah L. Jones, Jodi P. Patt, Amanda K. Blaising, Corbin J. Morris, Patricia S. Marx

Trust & Estates

03/23/20 – Newsletter
The Department of the Treasury and the IRS Extend April 15 Tax Deadlines
Estate, Trust & Wealth Preservation Alert
Contact: Kathryn A. Muldoon

Supply Chain

03/24/20 – Newsletter
Time to be Proactive: Supply Chain Strategies for Coming Out of the Crisis
Business Law Alert
Contact: Edwin J. Broecker

03/17/20 – Newsletter
Supply Chain Considerations In Light of the COVID-19 Emergency
Business Law Alert from
Contacts: Edwin J. Broecker, Juan C. Espinoza-Forlenza, Daniel M. Janssen, David P. Muth