Craig H. Kaufman, Retired Partner

Success Stories

Reading the Law Right

Recently, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reclaimed millions of dollars in housing funds that had been awarded to an Arizona Native American tribe, under questionable circumstances and with the tribe’s belief that federal law had been violated in the process. The dispute boiled down to the interpretation of federal statutes governing the use of such funds, requiring the Quarles & Brady team to argue in federal court against the Department of Justice. We were able to convince the court that the tribe’s reading of the key statutes was correct, and the court ordered that the funds be returned to the tribe.

Fair Is Fair

A national construction company had established itself as the low bidder on a $54 million contract. However, before work could begin, the municipality offering the contract disallowed the client’s bid, claiming that it had failed to meet the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal. The Quarles team argued the constructor’s case in an administrative trial and was able to convince the judge to reverse the order. The contract was fairly awarded to the low bidder, as originally promised.

Defending Good Work

Quarles & Brady represented an industrial general contractor in an American Arbitration Association arbitration case concerning a construction defects dispute with an Arizona municipality. We were able to prove to the arbitrator that the defect had been caused by poor engineering, not by the construction, and recovered more than $1 million in withheld payments as a result.

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