Peter provides advice to noncitizen defendants in criminal proceedings — and/or the attorneys who prepresent them — with regard to criminal convictions, plea deals, suspension of sentences, probations and other criminal dispositions that may result in detention and/or removal from the United States by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Criminal convictions often trigger harsh immigration consequences such as deportation and/or removal from the United States, and sometimes indeterminate detention. Noncitizen defendants and criminal attorneys MUST be mindful of the law beyond the criminal code that applies to the noncitizen criminal defendant’s case.  Indeed, particular crimes may impact a noncitizen’s liberty and other vital interests in critical ways.

To prevent such harsh immigration consequences, he advises criminal defendants and/or their attorneys:

  • what convictions, pleas, and other criminal dispositions implicate immigration consequences;
  • how to negotiate a deal for a noncitizen that avoids mandatory detention;
  • how to negotiate a plea to a crime that does not implicate removability; and
  • work-out a plea or defense strategy that effectively sets the noncitizen up to be eligible for relief under the immigration laws.

In this regard, noncitizens in criminal proceedings — and the criminal attorneys representing them —  benefit from his advice.

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