Data Privacy & Security


Linda C. EmeryLinda C. Emery
"Artificial Intelligence: Data Licensing, Usage & Privacy Considerations"Summer Webinar SeriesLinda C. Emery, Meghan C. O'Connor, Jonathan StoneOverview: Organizations are already using technologies that incorporate AI and machine learning functionalities, but these technologies are not always recognized as such by the organizations licensing those technologies. In this presentation, we discussed real world considerations to reduce risk when developing,... Read More
Presentation "Managing Your Cybersecurity Incident Response: Tales from the Trenches" AHLA Annual Meeting Meghan O'Connor
Presentation "Legal Issues Online Marketers Need to Know" Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) Webinar Heather L. Buchta
Presentation "2020 Vision: Ongoing Data Privacy Developments and Dilemmas" 14th Annual Specialized CLE for In-House Counsel Webinar Heather L. Buchta, Gregory J. Leighton
Presentation "2020 Virtual Legal Ethics Seminar" Quarles & Brady Seminar Michael Aldana, Stacy A. Alexejun, Daniel E. Conley, Linda C. Emery, Cynthia A. Faur, Emily M. Feinstein, George J. Marek, Meghan C. O'Connor, Jacqueline M. Vidmar, William A. Walden
Presentation "Business Law Training: Data Privacy 2020: An Early Retrospective" Quarles & Brady Seminar Heather L. Buchta, Linda C. Emery, Gregory J. Leighton