Data Privacy & Security

Transactional Assistance

Recent advances in technology have enabled businesses of all sizes to amass, share and analyze data in ways never before possible. As a result, data is now more than ever an integral part of your business and essential to your business transactions. We can assist you by:

  • If you are merging with or acquiring another entity, we can conduct due diligence to make sure that you understand what data you are acquiring, how you can use that data, and what representations and warranties should be part of the purchase agreement
  • Advising about the use of data in the bankruptcy context
  • Drafting and negotiating data privacy and security related terms for vendor and customer contracts
  • Preparing agreements necessary for the transfer of data
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for all types of technology services, such as cloud, software licensing, data licensing, dark web monitoring, and security

Success Stories

Transitioning Data

Our team assisted a client purchasing a business with U.S. and overseas locations with the handling of employee data transfers and with a transition services agreement through which data would be processed.

Safe Sharing

Our team assisted in the development of several health information exchanges for integrated delivery systems and affiliated providers. We performed an analysis of federal and state privacy laws to determine the use and disclosure restrictions on the sharing of data in health information exchanges and related consent, authorization, notice, and opt-in requirements.

International E-Commerce

Our team guided a client establishing U.S. and European e-commerce websites by preparing the necessary privacy policy, terms of use, and terms of sale.