Peter represents individuals facing deportation to determine eligibility for lawful stay in the United States.

Removal proceedings are hearings before an immigration judge conducted to determine whether certain aliens are subject to deportation from the country. Within the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 200 Immigration Judges located in 53 Immigration Courts nationwide conduct proceedings and decide whether an individual should be deported. Removal proceedings is now generally the sole procedure for determining whether an alien is inadmissible, deportable, or eligible for relief from removal. The consequences of failing to appear at scheduled hearings is grave and undesirable since the immigration judge will likely hold the hearing in and deporting you in your absence thereby depriving you of your opportunity to stay lawfully in the United States.

When you or your loved one or friend receives a “Notice to Appear” for Removal Proceedings, the person being called in to see the immigration judge has the right to be represented, at no expense to the Government, by an lawyer who is authorized to practice in such proceedings.  Peter is authorized to represent such individuals and can assist by examining the evidence against the person and present evidence on their behalf, and cross-examine witnesses presented by the Government. He can also file a motion to reopen or reconsider on your behalf to appeal your case to the immigration judge or to a higher court.