Design Patents

Design Patent Services

Our full complement of design patent services include:

  • Patentability searches and opinions
  • Freedom to operate searches and opinions
  • Filing strategies: We provide deeply informed counsel on the critical questions upon which design patent protection turns, such as whether to file single or multiple applications, which aspects of the product to protect, the breadth of coverage to request, and where to file patent applications.
  • Patent prosecution: We engage frequently with the USPTO to ensure informed decisions, and coordinate with foreign associates to ensure a unified strategy across all global territories.
  • Pre-infringement analysis: We assist clients in assessing and building infringement cases, which our IP litigators handle regularly.
  • Maintenance strategies: We advise clients on the parts of their portfolio to continue devoting resources to over time.
  • Forward-looking strategies: We advise clients on an array of tactics to best position themselves to respond to future copycats.