Direct Sales Industry

Internet-Related Law

  • Website distributor policies, including use of template content, use of trademarks, domain name and email policies, use of hyperlinks, banner ads, and auction policies.
  • Anti-spamming compliance policies under the federal CAN-SPAM Act.
  • State law privacy and data security law requirements, and company privacy and data security policies.
  • Creating binding online contracts pursuant to federal E-SIGN law, disclosure requirements, and notice requirements relating to material policy changes.
  • Trademark infringement issues, including use of trademarks in metatags and search engine pay-per-click sponsored links.
  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, regarding copyright claims and limitations on liability.
  • The Anti-cybersquatting Act, regarding hijacking of trademarks in domain names.
  • Antitrust issues relating to pricing for online distributor sales.
  • Auction site policies and enforcement.