Steven V. Hunter quoted in article “The Challenges of Collecting Data Outside the U.S.”

Inside Counsel

Another potential avenue to extract data from EU nations is through safe harbor provisions, under which certain outside companies are licensed to accept data from EU sites. “They basically have set themselves up as little EUs in the U.S., so they have the same types of protections as the EU and other countries,” says Quarles & Brady Partner Steven Hunter.

Practical Considerations

In-house counsel should bear these tips in mind when trying to mine foreign data. It’s critical for companies and outside counsel to understand the differences between U.S. rules and foreign rules. Retaining local counsel from the start is the best way to do so. “There’s no substitute,” Hunter says. “As smart as we U.S. lawyers are, we’re not licensed in those countries.”

Originally published on Inside Counsel, January 1, 2012

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