Energy, Environment & Natural Resources


Electricity workers and pylon silhouette
Pilar M. ThomasPilar M. Thomas
California Public Utility Commission Issues New Rules to Promote Community Microgrid Deployment and Explicitly Includes TribesEnergy, Environment & Natural ResourcesPilar M. ThomasBackground On June 11, 2020, the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) issued its "Decision Adopting Short-Term Actions to Accelerate Microgrid Deployment and Related Resiliency Solutions," D20-06-017, an initial decision under Track 1 of Rulemaking No. 19-09-009 to implement SB 1339 (2018).... Read More
Presentation "Environmental Health & Safety Regulations: What You Need to Know" Federation of Environmental Technologists (FET) Annual Conference and Exhibition By Lauren R. Harpke
Presentation "How to Mitigate Your Losses After An Explosion and Chemical Release -- A Real World Example" Chemical Industry Council of Illinois By Michael S. Mostow
Presentation "Environmental Health & Safety Regulations" University of Wisconsin - Whitewater By Lauren R. Harpke

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