Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

Health & Safety

We help you comply with and maximize opportunities presented by the complex web of environmental, health and safety regulations. From issue-specific analyses to design and implementation of comprehensive EH&S management systems, our lawyers work with client resources to meet compliance and operational objectives and, where necessary, to defend actions brought for enforcement purposes.


Our experience includes the following:

  • Providing immediate advice to a client while an inspector was on-site at the client’s facility; preparing a regulatory analysis of issues identified; and submitting a rebuttal which prompted OSHA to drop the citation.
  • Representing clients at formal and informal conferences and hearings and defending enforcement actions.
  • Counseling clients with regard to compliance with a wide range of OSHA regulations, including process safety management, ergonomics, reporting and record-keeping, hazard communications, hex chrome exposures, and others.
  • Undertaking comprehensive evaluations of client Environmental, Safety & Health policies and procedures and participating in internal audits of individual departments and facilities.